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Is A Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Really Necessary For Your Home?

For many households, the vacuum cleaner is indispensable. It gets rid of hair, dust and dirt from floors and other surfaces so there is really little to dislike about the appliance. Until, that is, it’s time to clear the dustbag. But even this almighty appliance has its pitfalls; it has to be man-handled and it doesn’t always cover all the bases. Cramped spaces under the bed, sofa and other furniture always seem to escape the cleaning routine, resulting in gleeful dust bunnies roaming at will in the darkest corners—unless you possess the supernatural strength of Samson to single-handedly lift the furniture with one hand and vacuum with the other. Not all of us are that brawny though, so this is where the robotic vacuum cleaner comes in handy. Not sure if the appliance is really necessary? We explore the pros and cons to help you decide whether it’s worth plunking down money for what’s essentially another vacuum cleaner.




  • It saves time: You can literally set the robotic vacuum cleaner to work while you’re off shopping or gallivanting somewhere and it’ll automatically go back to its charging station after it has run out of juice. Less time spent cleaning and more time on other activities!
  • Less noisy than Big Brother: Its noise volume is actually at a bearable level, so much so you might forget that it’s working diligently in the background.
  • Compact design: The robotic cleaner is known for its lithe design that can get it into tight spaces. No more annoying dust bunnies under the furniture! Unless, of course, your furniture is so low to the ground that even the robotic vacuum cleaner cannot reach.
  • Portable: You can carry it everywhere, since it’s the lighter version of its Big Brother.
  • Entertaining: We know you spend much of your time at work watching videos of pets hitching a ride on the robotic vacuum cleaner. ‘Nuff said.
  • Powerful sensors: The presence of cameras and sensors enable the robotic vacuum cleaner to sense objects in its way. This is pretty useful in helping it map a viable path around obstacles.


  • Suction power: Despite its usefulness, the robotic vacuum cleaner will never be able to compare with the suction power of the manual vacuum cleaner. Sure, it can cut down on your cleaning frequency but it doesn’t mean you can totally forgo the heavy cleaning.
  • It will clean everywhere, even places you don’t want it to: Unless you have a dry bathroom, you really don’t want the robotic vacuum cleaner to wander innocently into the toilet and getting into an entanglement with the bathroom slippers (especially the flip-flop kind). Keep your bathroom doors closed or risk having to rescue it frequently.
  • Sensors that won’t detect everything: The sensors are useful in helping the robotic vacuum cleaner avoid bumping into furniture and corners, but this very same design also means that it won’t be able to detect stray wires and other items that are too low for the robot’s sensors to detect. Ditto for floor mats and cloths that are very thin. It can be a bit of a chore to clear the path for the little appliance when it’s supposed to lighten your physical exertion.
  • Expensive: The initial cost can be a deterrence for some people since it can cost anything from $600 to over $1000.

So do we really need a robotic vacuum cleaner at home? Well, to be honest, it’s a handy chap to have around especially when you’re at work all week and you just want to rest your weary soul on the weekends. It can never replace the more heavy duty manual vacuum cleaner (see video below for an illustration of just what a powerful vacuum cleaner is capable of doing), but it will definitely make a great Robin to Big Brother’s Batman.

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