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Interior Design Tips: Adding Chandeliers to Your Home

Before you go wild with your interior design and purchase all sorts of chandelier that you fancy, you have to understand that chandeliers will work only if you have a high enough ceiling. Can you imagine if your ceiling is low? You and your guests will most likely bang your head into one of those chandelier glasses every time you get up from the couch or mingle around.


Chandeliers have long been favored by people. During the medieval times, the chandeliers were made of wooden beams with metal spikes to hold candles. They could be lowered using levers so the candles can be lit. Or a person will be hoisted up through a ladder to light the candles. Eventually, chandelier designs evolved. The ones that we often see today are made of glass, crystals and stones. Chandeliers instantly add grace and sophistication to any interior design venture. Your home would instantly become more luxurious with the right chandelier. They are beautiful center pieces without being too overbearing.

When choosing chandeliers, you have to consider various aspects. You have to consider the floor area, the room size, the activities within the room and others. Vertical and horizontal sizes of a chandelier are important for interior design. The right size can strike a perfect balance in your home. Too big, and it will overwhelm the space. Too small, and it will be insignificant.

The materials used in your chandelier will also make a great impact in your interior design. Choose materials that will enhance your current interior design and motif. If your room design is modern and simple, do not go for chandeliers that are too dazzling and lavish. It will look so out of place. Choose one that fits the character of your home.

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