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Interior Design Singapore: Why Choose Bunk Beds

Many Singaporean parents do not want to add bunk beds to their children’s bedrooms. They believe that bunk beds only invite danger for very noisy and hyperactive kids. However, your kids do need a play area. You do not need to bring them to the playground. If your interior designer finds a bunk bed that is creatively designed, safely built and is functional, then you and your kids would find a compromise.


You can ask your interior designer if they can have custom built bunk beds which will be designed specifically to suit your kids’ preferences or character. Even if you only have one child, you can still opt for bunk beds for your interior design. Why? Allow us to give you three reasons:

  • While your child sleeps on the upper bunk, you can have the bottom part modified so they can place their toys and even make that space their play area.
  • You can add a study table and a few cabinets to make the bottom area your child’s little study.
  • You can reserve the upper or bottom bunks for cousins or friends who come over to visit and have sleep overs.

Yes, the bottom of a bunk bed can be so much fun. Just make sure that you tell your interior designer that your child will most likely grow out of it so that they can design the room to be easily modifiable. There was this magazine which showed the bunk bed being split into two areas: one for play and the other for homework. The ladder separated both areas. Whoever the interior designer was surely did a great job as the end result was space saving, functional and very creative. Even I, an adult, wanted to call my interior designer to build me one of those.

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