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Interior Design Singapore Goes Green: Colour and Flooring

Like nearly every other country out there, Singapore is also finding sustainable ways for interior design. There are several ways to go green: using low VOC paints (or even no VOC paints), green floor, fair trade furnishings and more. You don’t have to break the bank to do so.


If you are not hiring an interior design firm in Singapore, then you have better control of your budget. Although the outcome may not necessarily come out better than a professional’s touch, you can still do a good job if you know how to work around your budget. Here are a few tips to help you create space that is healthy, sustainable and vibrant.

The first and most often preferred interior design move in Singapore is to change the colour. Changing the colour of your room has maximum impact but with minimum effort. Each room has different colour requirements. Living rooms, dining rooms and other common rooms would look best in warm colors, like reds and yellows as these are considered to be stimulating. Cooler colours which are known to be calming are best in the bedrooms. Cool colours include blues and greens.

Traditional paints used for decades are heavy in volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These are chemicals that may cause health problems including, giddiness, dizziness and even nerve damage. They are also known to contain toxic fungicides, biocides and chemical pigments. When doing your painting for your interior design in your Singapore home, chose less toxic paints. Promoters of green interior design would suggest that you choose nontoxic, natural paints. These paints are often made from casein milk protein or clay.

Flooring is also part of the interior design of your Singapore home. It would not be recommended to go for wall to wall carpets as they are notorious for being breeding ground for allergens and toxins.

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