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Interior Design in Singapore: Interior and Exterior Moldings and Trims

Your home may be simple, ordinary and small. Yet, you have the power to make it great and classy through interior or exterior moldings and trims. Let us put it this way, a dress could be simple, but adding in a few trimmings, whether sequins, fur or lace, could make it stand out from the crowd. Just a dash of something beyond the ordinary could make it exceptional. That is the concept of trimmings and moldings. It creates a distinction for your home and makes it feel as though it is not just another one of those Housing and Development Board (HDB) homes in Singapore.


Molding and trimmings used to be nightmares to install to the home. The materials for the moldings and trimmings used to be very hard to find. It was a real problem for most interior designers in Singapore. Furthermore, in interior design, the molding and trim need to be fitted, cut just right, painted and positioned. This is not a do it yourself thing. There is absolutely no way a home owner would bother climbing up ladders and cutting materials for that.

Nowadays, adding moldings and trimmings to your interior design is no longer a difficult feat for interior designers. The materials used in today’s moldings eliminate those complex tasks. In fact, you can buy ready-made moldings and trimmings in most hardware today. As for the placement, choice and installation, we would still recommend that you seek out your interior designer’s advice.

Moldings and trimmings can be functional too. They keep the very edges and corners from being thoroughly soiled. They also hide joints and wirings from walls, floors, ceilings, windows and floors when needed. Plus, they are very appealing to the eyes. You have a wide choice of materials, finish and price.

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