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Interior Design for Your Teenager’s Bedroom

Now that your child is no longer a baby, he or she will definitely want to change the Barney-inspired wallpaper that you put up, the posters of Thomas and Friends and even those Spongebob Squarepants curtains and sheets. Here are a few interior design ideas to help you in changing up your teenager’s bedroom.

Interior design for teenagers bedrooms are usually created around a central theme. It could be a colour motif or their preference such as comic book heroes or TV shoes.



Interior Design for Teenage Girls

Teenage girls usually prefer the princess vibe. I am not saying that all teenage girls want a princess interior design for their bedroom. Some might want Goth or Punk. It all depends on your daughter. To give you a head start, here are the common colour choices, depending on your teenage daughter’s personalities and style:

  1. Goth usually goes for black or navy. Or grey. But mostly black interior design.
  2. Prissy princess girls usually want pink, peach or lilac. This one is a no-brainer.
  3. Brainy girls usually go neutral or earthy shades such as beige, white or deep orange.
  4. Bold girls usually want red or yellow or other bold colours.
  5. To play it safe, go for sober colours and leave the colours to the furniture and furnishings.

Small bookcases, shelving, wardrobe, a vanity mirror, study table and a full length mirror are some of the essentials of a teenage girl’s bedroom.


Interior Design for Teenage Boys

Interior design for your teenage boy’s bedroom is not as difficult as doing up a teenage girl’s bedroom. Simply ask your teen what his hobbies are or what he would often like to see in his bedroom. It should be a design that you both agree on.

The colour palette for boys’ bedrooms are usually just black, white, blue or brown.

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