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Interior Design for Your Garage

Those with landed properties here in Singapore have a dilemma that Housing and Development Board (HDB) unit and condo unit owners will never have: making their garage look pretty. In this article, we walk you through a few basic interior design advice for your garage.


  1. Interior design should be right for your climate. Singapore is hot most of the time, so you do not to add heater to your garage nor do you have to keep it all closed up. Use light colours and even bright decors to spice up your garage.
  2. When choosing your garage door, make sure you choose durable materials such as metal, fiberglass, or wood and timber. Fiberglass seems to be the most durable one.
  3. Use wood for shelving. Instead of using metal which will most likely rust, using wood shelving for your interior design. There, you can store a lot of junk that would otherwise be cluttered around.
  4. Add a toolbox. If you want, you can add a cabinet which will serve as a toolbox. Do not leave your garage cluttered with all sorts of tools. It is very unsightly and will most likely cause accidents.
  5. Choose a style that matches the exterior architecture of your home. Yes, it is interior design but your garage interior design should also be cohesive with that of your exterior. If your house is mostly modern, keep the garage interior design contemporary chic as well. If the house is elaborate, you can splurge on your garage and make it ornate.
  6. Safety is important. More than anything, you have to make sure that your garage is safe and will not harm anyone. If your garage has a roller, canopy, side hinged or sectional style opening garage doors, make sure you get an expert to assess which mechanism should be used.

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