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Interior Design DIY: A Light and Airy Bedroom

Bedrooms are normally considered as our solace, our little go-to nook at the end of a tiring day at work. If you wish to have a light, airy and fresh country-inspired bedroom, you need not look further. You can create a country feel all by yourself, without the help of an interior design firm – of course, if you want a professional, polished bedroom, it would be best to hire an interior design company.



The advantage of choosing a country motif is that the bedroom will end up relatively clean and very cozy. As the interior design of a bedroom should be a reflection of its dweller, go for light pastel shades that you think would suit you best. Peaches and pinks are often the colors of choice, but lavender and blue also work well with white. As the bedroom will be your sanctuary, try to make the space relaxed, welcoming and cozy. Country feel does not mean old fashioned. Do not overdo your interior design by adding chandeliers or antique vases. Keep the bedroom’s interior design simple and clutter-free.

Do not limit your bedroom interior design to pastels, however. You may also infuse subtle color variations such as a deep teal drawer or a very attractive red bedside lamp. Normally, in a country themed bedroom, the walls are painted white. If you prefer wallpaper, keep it simple and white with patterns that are not bold or glaring.

For the bed sheets and curtains, keep it simple. White would be the safest choice, although pastels and splashes of subtle hues would look fresh. For your cabinets and other furniture, avoid dark wood or blacks. It takes away from the lightness of the space. Choose white furniture to keep the look fresh, airy and neutral.

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