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Interior Design Components for Your Condo Unit


In this article, we will give you a brief overview of the interior design components commonly used in homes – including your condo unit. We know that interior design involves manipulation of space, volume and surface. It involves architecture and environmental psychology. Interior design is looking at a house as a whole instead of separate blocks of space. As a whole, there should be a common biding style and theme throughout your condo unit. The design elements should remain cohesive and should work together. Here are the design components to consider when doing interior design for your condo unit:

Colour. Colour schemes and palettes can either make or break a room. Choosing colours can be quite tricky as you need to be careful as not to be flambouyant enough to use varying colours, yet not be dull enough to use just a couple of shades repeatedly throughout the whole house. Interior designers have colour palettes where you can choose suitable, complementary colours.

Symmetry. Symmetry is an important aspect in a house. Symmetry is characterized by the same objects or patterns in alternate or repeated positions on both sides of a vertical axis. For example, one side of the wall evenly matches the other. This is the most pleasant form of balance and is the traditionally used one in interior design.

Asymmetry. At times, symmetry just won’t do. Asymmetry, which is commonly found in urban, contemporary designs, is achieved with dissimilar objects or patterns yet have equal visual weight. It is difficult to achieve pleasantness in asymmetry. Yet, the most trained interior designers can do this without a sweat.

Radial Symmetry. Radial symmetry is used in commonly used interior design as well. It is when all the elements of the design revolve around a centre point or a focal point. The centre point could be an artistic coffee table, a spiral staircase or an ornate hanging chandelier. When used appropriately, it can make your condo unit very interesting and memorable.

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