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Interior Design: A Background

Yes, indeed, interior design is very tricky thing. Ask Singapore interior designers who have been in the business if they find their job tricky at times, they will most likely say yes. Interior design is an evolving, dynamic concept. It is not fixed. It is open to new discoveries, new experiments, new mix and matching. Once in a while, a new interior design genius comes along and changes the way interior design is made.


Previously, interior design was meant to turn a space, any space, into a conducive setting to suit a wide range of human activities. Interior designers were those who turned the spaces into something that will cater to this wide range of human activities. Before interior design, the interior was put together mostly for functional purposes. Interior design added a dash of life to an otherwise drab functional space. Interior design is a result of the development of society and the pursuit for finer things while seeking out effective utilization of space. Professionals who specialized in this and with good eye for design started to grow in strength and numbers. Hence, Singapore boasts of quite a number of good interior designers to date.

Ancient India is one of those places that manifests interior design expertise even in its early times. They build sculptures around their homes and temples in as early as the 17th century. During the Dark Ages, the material of choice switched from pure stone to wood paneling, lesser furniture and less heavy materials. Stone carvings and wall fabrics also started to come into play. The Gothic style then introduced the use of natural lighting and open interior design. The Renaissance then came and went. This period saw the bloom of colours and the use of artistry and textiles in the home.

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