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Installing Fans: Ceiling, Floor or Wall?

In tropical Singapore, the electric fan is a must-have appliance. Whether it’s the ceiling, floor or wall fan, they all serve a single purpose; and that is to ensure your home is as cool as possible during the sweltering months. They are also more cost-saving compared to air-conditioners, so your utility bills won’t be much of a shocker even if you use the fans all day every day. Can’t make a decision on whether to go for ceiling, floor or wall fans? Let’s take a look at their main features.



Ceiling Fan:

  • usually placed in the middle of the room, which ensures a continuous air flow around the room
  • for rooms with low ceilings, it’s recommended to have a height of at least 2300mm from floor to fan blades for safety reasons
  • if your room comes with a low ceiling of about 2600mm, it’s advisable to go for hugger fans or fans that suspend from the ceiling with a short rod
  • a bulky ceiling fan can create a false impression of a lower ceiling so be sure to choose fans that are compact-sized and have fewer narrow blades
  • saves space, and are usually out of your children or pet’s reach so it’s generally safer

 Floor Fan:

  • there are different types of floor fans; tower fan and pedestal fan being two good examples
  • compact and mobile; you can move it to any part of your home without much fuss
  • some floor fans can adjust their height to fit your needs
  • others take up little space so they make suitable house-mates for small apartments
  • yet others are designed with no blades, which makes them safe for both children and pets
  • while convenient, some people may not like the trailing power cords behind the fan

 Wall Fan:

  • usually placed on the wall, thus ensuring that it’s out of your children and pet’s reach
  • some wall-mounted fans come with a blade-less design, which make them safer
  • space saving and convenient for homeowners who prefer not to move their fans around
  • no trailing power cords to affect the aesthetics of your home design


After reading all about the fans, which one do you prefer and why? Let us know in the comments on our Facebook page!

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