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30 Inspiring Design Ideas to get you out of Design Rut!

Aside from mood-boards, you might be surprised to find out that sometimes, inspiring quotes can provide great guiding interior design principles when you are stuck in a design rut. The list of design quotes, which Pauline Morrissey from Home Trends & Inspiration has compiled, is a great testament of this!

Without further ado, here is a list of my top 5 favourites…

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One of the best ways to make your home renovation stand out from other cookie cutter interior designs is to treat your home an embodiment of who you are; as a couple. Since no two couples are alike, you should treat your home as a blank canvas; let it narrate the untold story of you and your partner…

If you are not sure where to begin….where are some great examples!

For couples who share the love of ……

Tip #1: Collecting Toy Bears…

Your apartment can be a huge showroom for displaying the amazing toy collection which you and your significant other have amassed over the years!

Images from Onion

Tip #2: Appreciating Artworks…

Romantic oil paintings, matching furniture and furnishings inject an instant Art Deco appeal in any home interiors.

Image from Etsy

Image from The interiors addict

Tip #3: Enjoying Comic Art!

Instead of decoupage your favourite comic strips directly onto the walls, translate both your love for comics through these framed comic art décors easily.  They are very effective in injecting an instant whimsical appeal.

Image from Guiaparadecorar

Image from Design Rulz

Tip #4: Travelling…

If you and your partner are globe trotters, you can enthral your visitors with photos of places where both of you have visited; displayed in the form of a global map. Your guests will definitely be bitten by the travel bug after tuning into your adventurous travel stories…

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My love for minimalist interior design is evident from the series of blog posts which I have published: 5 Tips to create a Minimalist Home, 7 Tips to achieve a Minimalist Home Interior DesignMuji Inspired Home Interior Designs from 5 ID Companies and 60 must see Muji inspired home interior photos. To me, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication since an uncluttered home is utmost important for me to relax and unwind after a hard day of work. In addition, simplicity has its merits too; it is timeless,  practical to execute and actually costs lesser to maintain over the long run.

If you are travelling to Shenzhen, be sure to check out the Muji’s first hotel which has opened in Shenzen this January! Be prepared to get inspired with minimalist designs which are both functional and practical, with plenty of wooden furnishings and accessories to boot. Muji will open its second hotel in summer this year, followed by one more in Japan next year.

Tip #5: Muji Hotel minimalist ideas for compact places!

If you are running out of ideas on how to throw together a minimalist look, the inspiring designs from the Muji Hotel website is a great place to start!

Image from My Home Onemega

Images from Hotel Muji

Tip #6: Muji’s infamous minimalist vertical house …

The iconic Japanese consumer retail store also sells the entire house, in a prefabricated-pack! Sadly it is only available in Japan and nowhere else.

Images from Idesignarch

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Talk to your renovation professionals and most of them would likely to inform you about the importance of getting the kitchen triangle, a concept used to determine efficient kitchen layouts that involve the refrigerator, stove and sink. A few of them might even talk to you about the importance of work zones, areas where you work and store your kitchen tools and appliances. Image from The kitchen think

Don’t forget that the kitchen can be designed to be an area where you can entertain your guests! In fact, it is a great communal place for fun, food and where you can frolic and have lots of chats and laughter!

Tip #7: Open kitchens are best for entertaining guests!

Open concept kitchens fluidly link the dining areas to the kitchen workplaces, whereby enlarging the entertaining area for your guests. Hence, you can consider the kitchen as an informal extension of your living room, where your guests will be moving about and even mingling with you while you are preparing the meals.

However, the challenge is to ensure that you have sufficient counter space and storage to keep the mess out of the sight from the guests. Therefore, a kitchen island is recommended to delineate the “wet” area, where you are working and the “dry” area, where the guests are seated.

Image from Upstairs

Images from Vivawg

Images from Ideal home

Images from Decoist

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A lot of times, homeowners rushed and purchased the entire suite of furniture and furnishing for their home before the renovation has completed. Although it is good to be prepared, this takes out the fun of the renovation journey. Learn to slow down, savor, create memorable memories and enjoy the moments while you embark on the renovation journey.

Tip #8: Make your place an unforgettable experience for your guests!

Home interior design is a very personal endeavour, so you should not be afraid to break all rules and inject interesting, fun elements to make your place special! Learn to let go, be bold, unusual and unpredictable in the most unexpected places and you will succeed in leaving a memorable impression for your guests!

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Trends..fabs…you see them everywhere; there are Top 10 Home Trends for 2018, What Renovation Trends are in Vogue in Singapore and so on. However, do you really need to follow these trends? Or simply follow your heart?

Well, one thing for sure… we know that trends seldom last and withstand the test of time. In addition, what is in vogue may not always suit your lifestyle. Furthermore, by not conforming to the trends set by others, you get to stand out! And make your own statement in the process!

Image from Hueconcept

Last but not least, it is very important to find a reliable renovation professional who understands what you truly need and helps you in making your dream home come true.


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