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Insights on how to Maximise your Space – Part 1

If you ask me what is one of the top gripes I hear from homeowners. Well, I noticed that most homeowners have to struggle with lack of space.
In fact, I can intimately identify with this frustrating issue.
Since young, I have to share a room with my elder sibling and this means having to sleep in bunk beds; we even have fun taking turns to sleep on the top deck. However, although we love our bunk bed, we struggled over who gets the rights to use the storage shelves and cupboards. You see, aside from our personality, our hobbies are poles apart. My sibling’s love affair did not stop with computers, video games and car and plane models; he also dabbled in mountain biking and fishing. In contrast, I only read books and draw during my leisure time. Hence, it is starkly obvious that his leisurely pursuit is pretty space intensive and our crammed HDB 3-room flat actually compounds the situation.
Hence, I sought ways to workaround the space constraints by embarking upon unusual ways to maximize our storage needs; these include installing wall stands for the bikes and even resort to storing books under our mattresses!
After many trials and errors (with some bickering of course), I have finally learnt the art of fine-tuning our shared space for our storage needs. Furthermore, I am very glad that such skills acquired through my younger years proved very useful even when I moved into a bigger place.
Therefore, let me share with you some insights and what I have learnt:

Insight #1 Make Use Of Digital Convergence Phenomenal

Technological advancements have given rise to the “digital convergence” phenomenal.
This means that the same multimedia content (originated from various devices) can be viewed across multiple devices such as smart phones, digital tablet and even Television! All these are made possible due to the extensive digitization of traditional content medium which include books, photos, Video Compact Disks (VCD) or Video Home System (VHS) analog recording cassettes and even music Compact Discs (CD)!

Case in point

 Nearly a decade ago, I have to set aside a huge bookshelf for my thick art books, numerous photo albums, stashes of VCDs and CDs and so on.
Image from dabs
8 years later, I have replaced this bookshelf with a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device which is file-level computer data storage. It is incredibly space saving since it is smaller than the smallest toaster!
Moreover, although it stores all my eBooks, digital photos (which I have uploaded from my SLR camera and trusty Sony Xperia Smartphone), movies, music files, documents (and the list goes on and on), there is still room for more!
Having such a device allows me to access the information and multimedia files from my laptop, tablet, personal computer, Smartphone and even Television from any part of my home. Furthermore, as it provides automatic backups. it helps to safeguard all my important memories or sensitive data.
Nonetheless, the most important point is that aside from freeing up space, it also frees up my time since I do not have to clean or deal with any clutter.
In short, digital convergence has indeed made my life simpler! 

However, this is not possible if the right infrastructure is not laid down. high-tech-ipad

What this means to You?

You should take advantage of this technology advancements and work closely with your interior design professionals if you lack the technical know-how. Even though this means more effort and time, I assure you that the big payoff is really worth the effort.
Well, I would love to share more insights today. Unfortunately I have fallen sick and  the hot and dry weather has exacerbated my condition.
Nonetheless, I will share the rest of my insights in my next post. In the meantime, do have a great weekend! 🙂


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