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Inject Extra Oomph into your Home Interior Design with the help of Taobao!

Inject Extra Oomph into your Home Interior Design with the help of Taobao

What exactly is Taobao?

If you are new to Taobao, this section is relevant to you! Taobao (淘宝网), which means “searching for treasure website”, is a Chinese online shopping website based in China. Taobao is actually made up of Taobao Marketplace, which is a Consumer to Consumer (C2C) platform and Tmall aka Taobao Mall, a Business to Consumer (B2C) platform. In addition, Taobao caters to Chinese consumers that mainly include mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau,Taiwan and even abroad!

What makes Taobao so special?

Taobao actually hosts over 760 million products online! Yes! Aside from offering an unbelievable extensive range of products, the prices are cheap since a lot of manufacturers sell directly from this online platform. In fact, as most of the retailers purchased their goods from China manufacturers, this meant that you are getting the same goods directly from these manufacturers at a much discounted price! Because of this, it is hardly surprising that Taobao marketplace is ranked one of the top 10 most visited global websites.

Your home is a true reflection of your personality

Home styling is intrinsic to the individual expression; a personal story to be told through the art of interior design. Hence, interior furnishing sets the stage for the ambiance of the home and adds subtle personal touches which not only enhances the home interior theme, but also speaks volumes about the personality of the occupants.

Enhancing your home interior theme

To illustrate how we can make use of Taobao to amplify your home interior design, here are some simple case studies! 🙂

Project Type: HDB Resale Size: 111 Sqm Design theme: Industrial
Designer: The Association


#1. Abstract Art Decorative Paintings
#2Vintage Industrial Clock
#3. Retro Glass  Bulb Chandeliers


#4. Industrial Iron Wrought Corner Shelf
#5. Retro Industrial Loft Fan


#6. Retro Industrial Style Decoration Faucet
#7. Vintage Wooden Cabinet

Project Type: HDB Size: 90 Sqm Design theme: Coastal/Beach
Designer: Urban Habitat Design


#1. Wooden Boat Anchor
#2. Wooden Sailboat Model Ornaments


#3. Mediterranean Fishing Nets Decorative Wall Hangings


#4. Mediterranean Bedside Lamps
Mediterranean Bedroom Wall Mural

We hope that you have enjoyed this post and do share this if you find it useful for your home renovation. 🙂

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