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How You Can Save Money With Window Films

What is the first thing you do at home when hot weather strikes? It’s either the fan or the air-conditioner, but sometimes it can get so warm that air-conditioning seems to be the only option. There is a way to regulate the heat gain within your home though, and that is to install solar films on your windows. Here are 3 benefits of solar window films:

They can block a large part of the sun’s heat.

Depending on the brand, window films can block a pretty significant percentage of the sun’s heat. TheSolarShield® Solar Control Film, for instance, claims that it can block up to 98% of UV radiation. This in turn reduces the fading effects of the sunlight on furniture, carpets and curtains. It also creates a glare-free experience, especially when you’re watching TV or playing games on the computer near the window.




They help you save on your utility bills.

Since solar window films can help you to block UV rays, this means that it can help you to regulate temperatures more effectively as well; which translates into energy cost savings.

It decreases the odds of break-ins.

Some solar films also have an added security feature of preventing the burglar from making a quick entry through weak points such as the windows. Apparently the more layers you have, the more you’ll frustrate the intruder and thus increase the odds of them leaving empty-handed.

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