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How will a Storage Company Perform in Moving Services?

It’s not like we have tons of things to store in a warehouse. But moving our office stuffs to the new location can be quite a challenge, especially when none of us drives. Personal belongings for our small team, medium and large umbrellas, these are the items which will normally require a moving company to do the job.

Our luck came along the right time. Rohit from Spaceship approached us for some marketing collaborations, and I guess they could possibly fit in the movers job? A pretty unusual name – Spaceship. They are primarily a startup that does secured storage. And since they came along, we felt the need to leverage their service with an additional objective – Storage + Movers.

Zhi Wei, the founder, dropped by my small serviced office to check on the total number and type of items that we requested for moving. He was surprised with the amount of items we had as a small company. Nevertheless he felt that it won’t a problem for both his storage and moving capabilities. He brought along 10 empty Spaceship boxes to have us pre-packed. So note this difference: they do not provide packing services. Which obviously means you are paying lesser than the traditional movers company.

Each boxes have an individual serial number allocated. And it’s to indicate what items you have in that particular box, so when you receive the box back in perhaps a year later, there’s an inventory list which you can still refer to. And to our surprise, these boxes are actually industrial-grade made and specially customised in China.


Know your stuffs well

Never put belongings of confidentiality or things that are fragile into these boxes. Items such as monitor screens, glasses, laptops should be moved by yourself. Just remember that movers and storage companies are still very much different. They do not secure or tightly wrap the individual items for you. These are services you will be forking out more for.


So when all your items are in the boxes, just call their customer service hotline to have them grab away. As a startup, their movers are as expected – young men capable of carrying my heavy loads of RenoNation magazines. Carefully, they brought the boxes up into their van.



Spaceship offers storage for bikes, chairs and even golf bags too. They accept almost anything except for food items in order to avoid pest complication. This is also to protect the interests of other customers who share the same warehouse space.

That’s protection against pest, so how about thief?

For storage services, Spaceship boxes were sealed before being transported to the warehouse. What they have done for identification and security, is to place an ID barcode sticker sealing across the lid opening, and double secured with cable ties, which all of these will be done in your presence. This way, you may rest assured that your privacy is treated with respect. They remain sealed until they are delivered back to your destination once again. Over at their warehouse, your items will be safekept by padlocked doors; along with 24/7 security cameras, strictly no access to the public.

Welcome Back


Package and delivery was on the same day from our old to new office. Everything was in order; boxes arrived on time, items were in good condition. All you have to do is unpack your stuffs and call them over to collect another day (if you have plenty of things to unpack), or the same day right after unpacking.

There are many similar services available in Singapore, but if you’re looking for a more affordable alternative, and support local startups, then Spaceship is definitely a consideration.

How affordable are we talking? As low as $6/month per box.

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