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How to Work Smartly With Your ID/Contractor

Unless you’re single-handedly manning crews of carpenters, electricians and painters to renovate your house, chances are you will require the services of an interior designer or a contractor. As with every other situation, it’s vital to nurture a collaborative relationship where both parties benefit from a dose of common sense and mutual respect. We understand that renovations can be a frustrating process so here are a few tips to working smartly with your ID/contractor.



Put everything down in writing

Instant chemistry can sometimes be misleading; it gives you good vibes about the other party and you feel like you’ve been friends forever. But understand that this is ultimately a business arrangement. Whatever has been discussed during your meetings must be noted in writing or temporary memory loss may claim otherwise. Better yet, have them listed in the official contract so nothing is left to assumptions.


Keep up the communication

There is no such thing as radio silence when it comes to the state of your renovation regardless of how small or big your budget is. Make it a point to check on the progress weekly and verify any anomaly that you didn’t specify in your meetings with the ID/contractor. This includes poorly done jobs such as hastily painted walls or haphazardly installed light fixtures.


Be prompt with your information

Thinking of buying your appliances at the last minute? While there are some that you can wait till much later to purchase, you still need to decide on appliances that have to be installed or will determine the measurements of customised furniture. For example, be sure to inform your designer/contractor on whether you’re getting a hob that uses City Gas or the gas cylinder. If you have no intention of paying for the extension of the gas pipes by City Gas, then you must inform your designer early in the project so they won’t accidentally make you incur the extra charges.


Don’t leave everything to your designer/contractor.

Are you leaving the design entirely to your designer? Stop right there and consider the needs of your family before agreeing to the fancy designs that your ID has drawn up for you. No doubt you want a beautiful home, but there are safety standards that need to be accounted for. There have been a few cases where homeowners agree to a certain design, but end up regretting it because it compromises their safety. Don’t be the next victim of such designs.


Make payments based on milestones

Milestones are important because they determine when an significant part of your project has been completed. If you pay your ID/contractor as and when they request for it, you’re only putting yourself at the losing end when they suddenly go missing or works are not completed as promised.


If handled poorly, renovations have the ability to make you lose sleep and even incur unnecessary expenses so be sure to deal with your ID/contractor smartly. You wouldn’t conduct your own business in a risky manner so don’t let smooth-talkers and empty promises cloud your judgement.

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