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How to Turn an Ordinary Ceramic Cup into a Chic Cup Using Decoupage


What you need
1 Plain white/cream ceramic cup

Can be purchased from Angie’s
1 piece of ‘Tea Moments Brown’ Napkin @$0.80 per piece
Super Glue for Decoupage @ $21.00 for 230ml
1 Squegee/Scraper @ $10.00 to remove any creases from the napkin

Can be purchased from Artfriend
Flat Nylon Brush No. 10 (Price unknown)
Round Nylon Brush No. 4 (Price unknown)

Can be purchased from Spotlight
All Purpose Sealer @$20 for 250ml

Time Required
4-5 hrs


Step 1
Cut out the desired images from the ‘Tea Moments Brown’ napkin.


Step 2
Trace the outline of the cut out images onto the ceramic cup using a pencil.


Step 3
Remove 2 layers of napkin from the cut out image, leaving only the topmost layer with the image.


Step 4
Apply Super Glue for Decoupage inside the traced outline in Step 2 using a fine round brush.


Step 5
Stick the topmost layer of the cutout onto the traced outline and use a squeegee to remove all creases. Repeat Steps 2 to 5 until the whole cup is filled with desired images.


Step 6
Sponge the pasted on images with a moist sponge and dry with a hairdryer.


Step 7
Apply All Purpose Sealer onto the pasted images only using a small flat brush (2 coats) drying in between each coat with a hairdryer. Leave the cup to cure for 1 week before using or washing.
** When washing the cup please do not scrub or scour hard on the pasted images.

Before and After



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