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How to Store and Display Your Bikes in a Small HDB Flat

Storing your bicycles indoors can be a real struggle, particularly if you live in an HDB flat where the scarcity of storage space often warrants some ingenuity.

But if stashing your two wheeler outside is out of the question, and your cruiser is eating up half the space in your small apartment while tripping everyone along its path, it’s high time you find it proper storage indoors. We’ve pulled together a few tips and ideas to get you up to speed:


1. Make it part of your interior décor

One of the easiest ways to store your bike in a small space is to make it part of the design of your apartment.

This vintage bike serves as a focal point in this retro-themed home.

Design: VOILÀ

Craft an impressive feature wall to display your bikes.

Design: ID Emboss

The vibrant shades of the homeowners’ bikes, set against an exposed brick wall, serve to complement the hues in the rest of this New York loft style living room.

Design: Story of Us

Displayed in full glory, the bicycle is displayed against a custom-made wooden shelf, along with the homeowner’s bike accessories and cycling accolades.

Design: Ehka Studio

The living room’s main feature is the owner’s prized two-wheeler, displayed on a white feature wall.

Design: JDC Interior

TIP: Have space in the foyer? Do yourself a favour and mount your bike there. It’s a lot easier to move your cruiser in and out of your home this way.


2. Invest in a minimalist bike shelf

The advantages of a minimalist bike shelf are twofold: you don’t waste an inch and your home looks cooler with it. There are plenty of types out there to choose from, but you can also get one customised to better fit in with your décor.

Design: Hello Embryo

This simple, blue bike shelf is set near the home’s entrance, doubling as a small display mantelpiece. The colour echoes the accents in the rest of this apartment

TIP: A broader bike shelf can serve as additional storage for knick-knacks like your keys or even as a spot for biking accessories.

The bikes are camouflaged in the black-painted wall, letting the wooden bike shelves stand out. They provide a resting place for the helmets, while adding a sense of warmth to the space.

Design: Story of Us

The electric blue bike is mounted on a custom navy blue bike shelf, functioning as a design statement as much as a bicycle storage.

Design: 0932 Design Consultants

GET THIS: Wooden Bike Shelf at Etsy, $185.


3. Hang it 90 degrees to the wall

Rather than have your bike mounted horizontally, hang it at a 90-degree angle. This design is only space-saving if it’s located at a typically “dead” space, or a corner of your flat. Make sure the bike doesn’t get in the way of human traffic.

A fraction of wall behind the dry kitchen in this home serves as the perfect corner to store this bike.

Design: Distinctidentity

The bike is mounted on an empty, slightly recessed wall near the entrance of this apartment.

Design: The Orange Cube

This bicycle is mounted on a structural column, right in front of the window in this walk-in wardrobe.

Design: Versaform

The bike hangs 90 degrees against a forgotten wall, located right next to the TV feature.

Source: Ambidextrous


4. Install a bike pole

Consider storing your two-wheelers with a bike pole if you’re going for a grungy, industrial aesthetic. But this minimalist style works well even in a contemporary setting. This storage is also particularly suited if you have more than one bike to store, as a pole can usually accommodate two bicycles.

TIP: This storage is typically supported by the ceiling and floor. As such, you will need relatively sturdy surfaces. Soft flooring e.g. laid with carpet, or a false ceiling, would not be suitable.

Two poles accommodate the four bikes in this modern apartment.

Design: Space Atelier

An adjustable cradle hooks up the bike in place, suspending it in air.

Design: Icon Interior Design

The bike pole echoes the industrial style black trimmings in this lounge room, where the homeowners’ gears are stored.

Design: Fuse Concept

GET THIS: Minoura Bike Tower for 2 Bikes at Hello Bicycle, $220.


5. Go for freestanding storage

Get slim, freestanding units if don’t want to scruff up your walls and surfaces with a bike storage that needs to be mounted or installed. They are also immensely flexible, because you can move them around every time you feel like changing up your room décor.

Brightly coloured Dutch style bikes are the perfect accessory for any home.

Design: The Scientist

Mounted on a freestanding bike storage, the bikes form a part of this workspace.

Design: TAIMS Interior

GET THIS: Feedback Sports Velo Cache Bicycle Storage Rack at Bike Plus, $270.


6. No mounting required

If you aren’t a fan of mounting your bikes, get it out of the way with these ideas instead:

Fit it inside a recessed area right above your closet.

Design: Museum Homes

Here, a raised platform built above the sofa creates a cosy alcove in the living room while eking out extra storage areas and room for bike display.

Design: Neu Konceptz


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