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How to Select a Shower Heater?

There are people looking to cut down on their monthly water bill, people who simply want to enjoy a nice and hot shower after a long and tiring day, and perhaps some like me, who question the necessity of a water heater. No matter what the reasons are, we have some quick tips to share to ensure you find the perfect one for your home.

Shower heaters hold much more importance in our everyday lives than we think. Though the initial installation may be slightly costly (ranging from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand depending on quality and functionality), it is definitely a worthy long-term investment for any household. We’ve put together a simple infographic to assist your learning:


With all these technicalities to brood over, it can be a little befuddling to make a choice. And that’s where we, the supposed experts, step in with a humble suggestion. Ariston’s AURES Smart Electric Instant Water Heater might just be the perfect fit for anybody seeking a pleasant shower experience. The highlight of the revolutionary technology used by this Number 1 Italian water-heating brand is that it assures consistent temperature for all water output.

For the longest time, irregular water temperature output has been the bane of our existence. Having to repeatedly adjust the temperature of our shower all the time — we all understand how a minute task such as this can turn out to be tiresome. Well, the good news is we can officially say goodbye to this problem and send it on its way, thanks to Ariston’s impeccable innovation. This would save you both time and money because showers can be taken faster without the incessant worry about random oscillations between hot and cold water.

Besides ensuring constant temperature for energy and water efficiency, this design goes a step further to guarantee safety with the anti-scalding system 2.0. This feature uses NTC sensors to accurately detect water inlet temperature. Simply put, if water flowing into the heater is of a higher temperature, it will not be heated, and a blinking triangle icon on the heater will act as a warning signal. It essentially prevents users from scalding themselves. This would be especially useful for households with children since it checks another problem off the parents’ endless worry list. Hazards in the bathroom are never fun to deal with.

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