How to Replace Toilet Seat and Lid in 7 Simple Steps

  • Jul 15, 2022

Most homeowners did not realise that after a few years, even with due care and maintenance, they will have to grapple with yellowed toilet seats. When that happens, homeowners should consider getting them replaced since yellowed toilet seats are an embarrassment, especially when there are guests.

Why does the toilet seat turn yellow?

A rarely known fact is that the UV light from the natural light turns plastic yellow. Unfortunately, this makes the seat looks dirty and stained. Other than UV, toilet seat stains are also created from built-up minerals that originate from hard water, which contains calcium, magnesium and iron. Furthermore, excessive cleaning using a cleaner that contains bleach makes plastic look yellow too. This is because the plastic turns yellow when bleach reacts with substances left behind by human waste and damages the plastic surface.

What do you need to check before replacing the toilet seat? 

The market rate of toilet seat replacement is minimally from $80 (per installation, excluding the costs of the toilet seat) onwards. If you wish to save costs, you may consider doing the replacement yourself since the steps are very straightforward. Whenever possible, you should replace the toilet seat and lid from the original manufacture. Therefore, find out the brand and model of your toilet bowl first before contacting the manufacturer. Otherwise, you can contact the renovation professionals who had assisted with your renovation to find out more.

Nevertheless, if you wish to use 3rd party replacement toilet seat with lid, you need to take note of the following:


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First, find out the shape of your existing toilet seat cover. The toilet seat covers normally come in the following shapes; Square, U, O and V. U and V pointed toilets are more popular since they are more comfortable but they take up slightly more space. 


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Plastic toilet seats are mainly used in Singapore since they are cheaper and easier to clean. 2 types of plastic are commonly used and they are Thermoplastic and Thermoset. The seat made of Thermoset is more scratch resistant and hence more expensive. If you are more adventurous,  you may want to try out resin toilet seats, which are embellished with decorative materials such as pressed dried flowers and seashells.


Some toilet seats are equipped with soft close hinges so that the toilet lid does not slam onto the toilet seat when released. They are usually heavier and more expensive than the ones without soft close hinges.

Types of fittings

There are 2 main types of toilet seat fixings: bottom and top fixings. Top toilet seat fixings work by pushing the bolts into the pan, which are then tightened from the top. This is the most common installation method since it is easier to install and remove. Bottom toilet seat fixings are fitted from the top and tightened from underneath with wing nuts.

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To find out the size, you need to measure the toilet seat in 3 places. Firstly, measure from post hole to post hole at the toilet seat hinges. Secondly, calculate the width of the bowl where it is the widest. Thirdly, measure from the front of the toilet seat back to the post holes.


7 simple steps to replace the toilet seat and lid  

What do you need?

  1. Cleaning wipes
  2. Replacement toilet seat with cover
  3. Screwdrivers 
  4. Torchlight

Step 1. Clean the working area 

Aside from the toilet seat and lid, the area beneath and around the toilet seat and lid should also be thoroughly cleaned with cleaning wipes. 

Step 2. Loosen the top/bottom toilet seat fixings

This step will take up most of your time. Remove the toilet seat hinges and unscrew the top/bottom toilet seat fixings with the screwdrivers. In our case, due to the unusual top toilet seat fixings design, we had to use an offset screwdriver.

Step 3. Remove the toilet seat and lid and seat fixings

Once the top/bottom toilet seat fixings are loosened, pull out the toilet seat and lid carefully. Discard the seat fixings.

Step 4. Clean the replacement toilet seat with a lid

After unwrapping the new replacement toilet seat with cover, clean it with the cleaning wipes to remove any manufacturing residue.

Step 5. Install the top/bottom toilet seat fixings

Remember to read the detailed instructions before installing the top/bottom toilet seat fixings at the post holes with a screwdriver.

Step 6. Install the replacement toilet seat with a lid 

Push the toilet seat with the lid securely into the 2 toilet seat fixings. Make sure that they are securely installed with no gaps between the toilet seat and the seat fixings.

Step 7. Check the installation

Check that the toilet seat is securely installed with no large gaps when the toilet cover is closed.

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