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How to Prepare for Selection of Renovation Professionals

A friend is getting married next year and as a result, she and her fiance is now pretty busy with their nuptials preparations and home renovation.

However since it is their first home renovation project, they are pretty inexperienced and need guidance in the selection of renovation professional. Furthermore due to their hectic work schedule, the selection process has to be as efficient as possible.

Hence, I decided to come up with a checklist on what to prepare and bring during the selection process as I believe it should come in handy in such situations.

1. Floorplan

Print multiple copies of the floorplan.

2. Renovation Requirements

Decide on the scope of the renovation and the requirements. Try to be as specific as possible by indicating preferred flooring, counter top, type of tiles and so on. List them and print multiple copies too.

3. Visual Aids

Decide on the design theme, select visuals that will help the renovation professional to visualize the design concept. The visuals can be magazine cutouts, photos or images from the web. You can also create a mood board of your favorite colors, finishes, materials and so on.

4. Evaluation Criteria

Decide on the evaluation criteria for the selection of renovation professional.

5. Interview Questions

Decide on which interview questions to field.

6. Address & Contact Number

Locate the addresses and contact numbers of the recommended renovation professionals. Save these information in the smartphone or digital tablet.

7. Get a Weekday Off

Weekends are peak period for renovation professionals and thus harder to arrange for meetings.

8. Schedule Meetings for the Entire Day

Make full use of the weekday off by scheduling meetings with various renovation professionals from morning to late evening.

1. Make Reminder Calls

Remind the renovation professionals of the meeting time.

2. Have Plenty of Rest

Sleep early to prepare for the long day ahead.

1. Bring Floorplan, Visual Aids & Renovation Requirements

By providing the renovation professionals a copy of the floorplan and requirements, they can provide a more accurate quotation.

2. Bring Writing Materials or Digital Tablet like iPad

For making observations during the meeting and take down notes.

3. Inform the renovation professional that you have to leave for another appointment

Let the prospective renovation professional know that you have limited time with them. Get your spouse to be the time keeper.

1. Punctuality

If the renovation professional is late or the meeting overruns, this may indicate that the renovation professional has issues with time management.

2. Meeting Details

Play close attention to what is discussed and agreed and write them down.

3. Responses to Interview Questions

The responses will allow you to gauge on whether if they are qualified professionals and able to bring your design from drawing board to life.

4. Hard Sell & Pressure Tactics

Do not succumb to pressure tactics and sign up on the spot.


1. Wait for Quotations

The renovation professionals should respond with their quotations within a week.

2. Short Listing of Renovation Professionals

Narrow down the renovation professionals that met the evaluation criteria. Conduct a more through background check on the Company to make sure that the Company has a good standing and track record.

3. Follow up Meetings

Arrange for follow up meetings with the short listed renovation professionals for a clarification session on the quotation.

Hope you find the checklist useful!
Do share if you have any tips to add on the checklist. 🙂


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