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How to Nail the Bohemian Style in Your Home

The bohemian style has been gaining traction in the interior design world in recent years, mainly as a response to the minimalist, sleek interiors we are used to. This individualistic, eclectic look offers up a very lived-in, cosy vibe, paying little heed to standard interior design. But it is its very rejection of rules that makes it so attractive. Still, there are characteristics we can attach to the bohemian style, starting points to begin thinking and doing up your own home. But as you will find in your journey towards a bohemian abode, no two spaces will look alike. And that’s what makes this style so very special.

Colour Scheme

As with any interior design, the colour scheme is one of the first things to think about. With the bohemian style, use warm, earthy hues like tan, sand and terracotta as the foundation of your space. For the less adventurous, a warm white is a safe bet, and will be a wonderful canvas for the rest of your décor.

Image of Villa Samudra Galle, a villa in Sri Lanka

Build the base up with metallic accents like brass and gold for a bit of shimmer. Jewel tones such as turquoise, ochre and plum are also great complements, and they do well in a bohemian style space as an accent wall or in your furnishings.

Image of Magma House, a villa in Bali


The bohemian style reads casual, so you will want low-level seating like fabric couches without legs, poufs, floor pillows and ottomans as well as breezy pieces that conjure images of the beaches like swings and hammocks. The furniture you choose should feel less structured and serious. A good place to start is to see how comfortable the piece is.

Image of Magma House, a villa in Bali

Bohemian style furniture also tend to be a bit more ornate in detailing. Tassels, fringes and intricately carved woodwork are not uncommon. Build up your bohemian space gradually, so acquire your furniture as you go along rather than get everything at once.

Image of Little Bohemian House, a villa in Bali

You want to find pieces that speak to you, stand out as unique, or have a bit of history or story behind them. Refurbished furniture is always a winner. Vintage, antique shops and second-hand stores are your best bet. For those on a budget, it’s OK to have mass-produced furniture—all you have to do is dress them up a little with hand-sewn pillows or a DIY paint-job to make them your own.

Image of Villa Samudra Galle, a villa in Sri Lanka


Warm lighting is a great way to bring in the boho ambience to your space. Don’t settle for just one type of lighting. Play around with different types using a layered lighting scheme. For instance, your living room can comprise a ceiling-mounted light as a general light, a floor lamp as a task light and wall sconces or lampshades as accent lights. Fairy lights are also popular in bohemian decorating, and they work in outdoor spaces like balconies or in cosy alcoves.

Image of Magma House, a villa in Bali

Plants are a must-have in a bohemian style home to create that relaxing, calming atmosphere. For a big visual impact, go with plants with dramatic leaves like the fiddle-leaf fig and monstera. For brown fingers, choose plants that are easy to care for such as the snake plant and yucca.

The snake plant along with plants like the spider plant and peace lily also help to purify your indoor air, another bonus to create that serene environment. Grow them in different sized and coloured pots and planters to add to the vibrancy of the space. Include climbing plants like the English ivy and hang them up on macramé hangers for visual variation.

Image of Magma House, a villa in Bali

Home Décor

More is infinitely more in bohemian style interiors. There is no shortage of patterns and prints, textures and finishes. Nothing clashes; everything matches. The style leans towards the natural and rustic, so things made from rattan, bamboo and jute are commonplace. You will want to include intentionally or unintentionally distressed things. Add whimsical accessories such as bead curtains, dreamcatchers, macramé wall art and juju hats.

Image of Little Bohemian House, a villa in Bali

Soft textiles are a major characteristic of the bohemian style home. Layer rugs—try matching a natural seagrass rug with a Persian style rug—for that chic, boho vibe. A tablecloth for the dinner table, a patchwork quilt on the bed and a knitted throw for your sofa will also not feel out of place in your bohemian style home.

Image of Little Bohemian House, a villa in Bali

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