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How to Keep Your Sanity During Renovation

So it’s time to renovate your home, and you’re all raring to go. But like wedding planning, renovations have a way of getting under your skin. From the ID/contractor, overall theme, and colour palette to the materials you have to choose, there are just too many decisions to make! Some are likely to give you nightmares for years to come, while others will allow you to pat yourself on the back for a job well-done. But how do you keep your sanity during the madness that will take over your life for a minimum renovation period of 1 month? We suss out 3 simple tips to help keep you sane during your renovation.



Sharing is Caring

Elsa, from the award-winning animated movie ‘Frozen’, had to conceal her true powers from the world because she was afraid that people might find her a freak. You, on the other hand, have no need to run the show all by yourself. Involve your family in the planning process so they’ll feel less of an outsider and more involved in the home they’re going to stay in. If you have kids, then get their input on how they want their room to look like and have them choose the materials too! When they are personally involved in the creation of their own space, your kids are more likely to take better care of it! If your relatives offer help, don’t be shy! Sometimes you or your wife might be too tired to cook so such assistance is crucial to keeping your family well-fed.


Take a Break

Pulling all-nighters to research on the best deals or make some online purchases on your computer? Don’t forget to catch a breather! You need to be in tip-top condition to monitor the renovation process so don’t push your body to its limits. Eat balanced meals on time, get enough sleep and above all, detach yourself from time to time and let the experts do their job instead of hovering over them all the time.


Don’t Do it All By Yourself

Business self-help articles have long extolled the benefits of delegating responsibilities, so why should it be any different for your home? You don’t have to do everything yourself; in fact trust in your family’s abilities to carry out the jobs efficiently. You might think that your ‘lazy’ husband won’t care what furniture goes into the living room, but I’m sure there are areas in the home that might be of more interest to him e.g. his personal man cave. Have him design and plan the layout himself while you busy yourself with the rest of the house. With the right motivation, anyone will be more than happy to help you out!


So what do you do to keep your sanity during renovation? Let us know on our Facebook fan page, ya!

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