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How to incorporate the “Grandmillennial” Style into your Singapore Home?

If you love the ever-popular bright, all-white interiors or you thrive on clean, minimalist looks, then Grandmillennial probably isn’t for you. A response to the somewhat boring and forgettable aesthetic that have become commonplace in our social feeds, Grandmillennial is an up-and-coming trend that pays homage to the past. It is at once comforting and familiar, yet by mixing in modern elements, it retains its relevance in today’s spaces. Read on to see if this new interior design trend is for you.

What is Grandmillennial?

The term was first coined by interior design magazine House Beautiful in late 2019, who used it to refer to a group of 20- to 30-somethings—today’s millennials—who “have an affinity for design trends considered by mainstream culture to be stuffy or outdated.” These millennials are seen to be “trend-averse”, rebelling against current trends that they have deemed too generic whilst embracing differences and individuality by looking to the past for inspiration.

Grandmillennial soon became a style in its own right, although if you look at the characteristics of it, it shares a lot of elements with existing themes like vintage, retro and even Chinoiserie. Others have described it like looking into your grandmother’s living room. Grandmillennial in essence takes on many traditional elements, incorporating them into modern settings so you have a style that feels updated rather than tacky.

5 Easy Ways to Incorporate Grandmillennial into Your Singapore Home

1. Mix old and new furniture

Design: D’ Initial Concept

Rather than use traditional style furniture exclusively, mix in modern furniture to avoid your home from looking overly kitschy or retro. Modern furnishings tend to be sleeker with cleaner lines, while traditional style furniture are usually more ornate with intricate carvings and lots of embellishments. With traditional furniture, consider cane furniture, heirlooms that were handed down to you like an antique singer sewing machine table or reupholstered or refurbished vintage pieces you bought off the store.

2. Go bold on colour

Design: Team Interior Design

Unlike current trends that take delight in neutrals, white spaces and anything monochrome, Grandmillennial embraces colours. From sweet pastels to invigorating, jewel tones, don’t be afraid to use colours if your are jumping on board this trend. For the less adventurous, stick to a neutral backdrop and feature colours as accents through small furnishings and décor items.

3. Prints and patterns are your best friends

Design: The Local Inn.terior

The Grandmillennial style uses plenty of classic prints and patterns. Popular ones for this style include chintz, which typically features a lot of small floral designs, and good old plaid. You can easily find soft furnishings with them, like your cushions, curtains, wallpaper, bed linens or your sofa covers. Or discover them on vases, pottery wares or even your bathroom sink!

4. Don’t shy away from trimmings and flourishes

Design: Living Icon

From tassels to fringes, the Grandmillennial style is all about embellishments. It could be something simple like having a throw with delicate tassels or elegant chandeliers that have an abstract fringe design. Or it could be an intricate detailing on a wooden dresser.

5. Go local

Design: The Local Inn.terior

For an air of familiarity in your Grandmillennial style, add local old-school elements. Doing up a feature with ventilation blocks—often seen in older buildings—is a good option. Or consider dividers made from old-fashioned metal grilles or flooring decked out in terrazzo. We also particularly like kitchen counters laid with square ceramic tiles, which make us feel like we’ve gone back in time to our grandmothers’ kitchens.

What do you think of the Grandmillennial trend? Will you be incorporating that into your home?


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