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How to Get Rid of Pests At Home

We know the feeling: you’re relaxing at home when suddenly a flying insect waltzes past you as if it owns the place or a creepy crawlie sauntered on your feet like a boss. You might be wondering where these pests came from so let’s take a look at how to get rid of them.




These pesky bugs can smell ripe fruits and vegetables from a mile away. They are extremely small so even if your windows are closed, they will still find their way into your home through crevices around windows or doors. Sometimes they even come in through the drains in your toilets/bathrooms, which is even more annoying. Once they gain access to your home, they start to reproduce and that’s when the problem gets more serious.


  • Don’t leave fruits out in the open as these may attract fruit flies.
  • Make a vinegar trap with apple cider vinegar because the flies love the fruity smell: pour a small amount of apple cider vinegar into a small bowl or glass, then cover it with a plastic wrap or plastic bag. Make a small hole big enough for the fruit fly to fly in but not out, and push the hole in such that it’s in a funnel shape. Make sure it doesn’t touch the vinegar. Place this trap near areas where the fruit flies are seen to congregate. Don’t forget to refill the trap with fresh vinegar when needed!
  • To combat fruit flies that enter via the drains in your toilets/bathrooms, pour either hot water or hot white vinegar down the drains. It’s also important to clear the toilet traps of hair and other debris to make it a less ideal environment for the fruit flies to breed.



Houseflies often appear where there is food. So if you like to leave your food uncovered or you haven’t cleared your dust bin in ages, then be prepared for a cloud of these pests buzzing around your house. Houseflies are also known to to be carriers of easily communicable diseases and illnesses such as food poisoning so it’s best to be cautious about them. Children, the elderly, and people who have a weak immune system are particularly vulnerable.


  • Clean your kitchen thoroughly and do not leave any food uncovered.
  • Do your dishes immediately after use, or soak them in soapy water if you’re unable to attend to them at once.
  • If you’re throwing away food, make sure that you tie them up securely and dispose of them quickly.
  • Wrap up wet waste such as fruit and vegetable trimmings in newspapers so the houseflies can’t get a whiff of it.
  • DIY your own housefly repellent with ¼ cup of vodka and distilled water each, along with 10-25 drops of lavender essential oil.



Like the other pests aforementioned, cockroaches and ants love to hang around food. The problem with these insects is that they seemed to be able to enter your home no matter what precautions you take due to the cracks and cavities in your house. Cockroaches, especially, are known to trigger health problems with their faeces, saliva and body parts.


  • Clean up frequently and keep your house as clutter free as possible. Crumbs and food spills should be cleared as soon as possible.
  • Store food in air-tight containers and never leave them uncovered on your kitchen counters.
  • Avoid eating in your bedrooms and even if you do, remember to clean up after yourself!
  • If there are cracks or gaps anywhere in your house, seal them up to prevent the insects from entering your house.
  • Pet food should be cleared as soon as your pets are done with them; try not to leave them out for too long.
  • Take out your trash routinely.
  • To keep ants out of your sugar and other food, you can try putting rubber bands around the mouth of the container. It’s said that ants dislike the smell enough that they will avoid the area.

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