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How to Fix Mouldy Wall Tile Grout with Homemade Grout Cleaner in 6 Simple Steps

Why Mould Develops on Grout?

Mould thrives between bathroom tiles since grout is very porous and thus more vulnerable to microscopic growth. This is because the bathroom is a place where there is high humidity and moisture. Therefore, unless we take the time to dry the tiles and grout thoroughly every time after taking a shower,  a damp bathroom coupled inadequate ventilation is the ideal environment for mould to flourish.

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How to fix mouldy shower grout in 6 Simple Steps

I have shared on How to Fix mouldy Shower Caulk in 8 Simple Steps in my previous post. However, removing mould from the grout between the bathroom tiles is much more tedious as fixing mouldy shower wall tile grout requires a slightly different approach. This is because the bleach soaked cotton pad strips would not be able to stick against the walls due to the vertical orientation.

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Although you can purchase mould remover products like Selleys Rapid Mould Killer, I will show you how you can easily make your very own mould remover solution in this post!

 Follow the 6 steps below to achieve a pristine white grout!

1. Disposable Plastic Bowl

2. Plastic Spoon

3. Ice cream stick

4. Baking Soda

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5. Bleach Solution


Step 1. Identify the mouldy grout to work on

Step 2. Make a thick mould remover paste by simply mixing 1 part of bleach with 3 parts of baking soda

Tip: Keep the windows open to ensure ample ventilation.

Protect yourself with a high quality mask such as a disposable N95 particulate respirator and good quality gloves.

Step 3. Apply the mould remover paste over the mouldy grout with the ice-cream stick

Tip: Scrub the grout with your scrub brush in order for the mould remover paste to penetrate deep into the mould.

Step 4. Leave the mould remover paste over the mouldy grout for around 6-8 hours

Step 5. Remove the mould remover paste by spraying lots of water from the shower head

Step 6. The mould has been removed!

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How to prevent mould from growing again?

Mould cannot thrive in dry areas and thus, improving ventilation is the most important step in preventing mould from regrowing again. Hence, the windows and doors should be kept as open as much as possible to improve ventilation. In addition, you can consider installing a bathroom ventilation fan to improve the air circulation.

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