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How to Enlarge Your Small Kitchen Visually

he problem with a lot of BTO kitchen nowadays, is that they are a lot smaller than the kitchens of old. No doubt they come with an additional service yard where you can do your laundry, but the addition seem a tad insignificant for some reason. Instead of grousing about the limited space, however, let’s take a look at 6 effective ways to make your tiny kitchen look bigger.



Use glass doors

Instead of choosing solid doors, consider glass doors to allow the eye to see through to the back of the cabinet. This will make the kitchen look larger, but keep the clutter to a minimum or it will defeat the purpose. Keep what you don’t need and only display a few items.

Go small

Avoid clunky furniture and accessories as these will overwhelm your petite kitchen with their bulk. Choose slimmer versions of islands, chairs and tables.

Design cleanly

Ornate designs and intricate details can add weight to the kitchen’s appearance. Go for a clean and streamlined design so as to create a roomier appearance.

Blend with the wall

Where possible, choose the same colour for your cabinets as your kitchen walls so the space won’t look so chopped up by contrasting colours. If you want your ceilings to look higher, then choose vertical patterns that draw the eye upwards.

Open concept

If your floor plan allows for it, then go for an open-concept kitchen that merges with a larger area such as your dining area and fabricate a counter to distinguish the two spaces. Not possible to do so with your current home? Then opt for open shelves to give your kitchen a less boxy feeling.

Light it up

Fill your small kitchen with plenty of light to give it an expansive feel. Don’t block the windows with unnecessary window dressing to allow the sunlight in.

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