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How to Enjoy Wireless Music Throughout Your Home

While most folks spent the better part of their Saturday either snoring away in a comfortable bed or perched upon the couch indulging in a movie marathon, I was having my own share of fun and enjoyment at the Bose SoundTouch Wireless Experience showroom tour hosted by Atlas Sound & Vision.


The entire event was basically a simulation of how the Bose SoundTouch®wireless music system would work in a typical home environment. Limited to eight participants per walkthrough, maximum enjoyment was ensured as the rooms were less crowded, allowing for the heightening of senses and the full glory of the Bose sound systems to be unleashed.

The very first room we entered showcased how Bose’s Wi-Fi® speakers, namely SoundTouch® 10,SoundTouch® 20, and SoundTouch® 30, could be collective used throughout the house even though they might be in different locations. Imagine adjusting the volume of the music playing in the kitchen while in your bedroom. You can also add more SoundTouch® systems to play music throughout your home or different music in different rooms. In addition, these speakers come with 6 preset buttons that provide a variety of functions including streaming services and the ability to store playlists, all of which can be easily customised in the Bose SoundTouch Control Android or iOS app.


Next up was the living room, where everybody was made to put on blindfolds, no, not for a game of pin the tail on the donkey, but to enhance our hearing for a horror scene they were about to play. With the Lifestyle® SoundTouch® 535 Home Entertainment System hard at work, I could almost feel the murderer right there in the room.



We were then invited into the master bedroom to witness how a simple sound bar was all it took to make enjoying movies in bed as pleasant as watching it in a cinema. The legendary Wave® SoundTouch® Music System IV, which includes multiple functions such as an in-built alarm clock, also proved its value in the bedroom.


Soon after, a brief demonstration of how the Virtually Invisible® 791 In-Ceiling Speakers was conducted in the dining room. A realistic setup was created to show how one’s dining experience could be made even more satisfying with soft music playing in the background. We were also acquainted with the Free Space® 51 Environmental Speakers, which are hardy, green, and exceptionally suitable for the outdoors.



From the pleasant dispositions of the ushering staff to the cozy ambience of the tactfully arranged interior of the showroom, every element came together perfectly to create a smooth-flowing and highly engaging event. There are now so many easier possibilities for homeowners to enjoy music and entertainment system with SoundTouch. The hosts could not have been more professional and knowledgeable with regard to the technical aspects of the various products. Their sense of humour definitely contributed to the lighthearted mood. Numerous questions and enquiries from excited homeowners were constantly met with enthusiastic and competent responses.

They always say time flies when you’re having fun. No truer words could have been said. The RenoNation team would like to thank the event host, Atlas, as well as everybody else who made this event a success. We had an amazing time and we hope you did, too.

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