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How To Decorate A Darling Nursery


Your little one is just months away from arrival and you’re eagerly looking for ideas to do up the baby room. But before you rush off on a shopping frenzy, know that kids – however adorable – will outgrow their clothes and surroundings very quickly. That’s why it’s important to choose furnishing and decorations that will not only endure the passage of time, but is childproof too. We bring you a few useful and practical tips on how to decorate the nursery for your precious little bundle of joy.


Sleep With Me, Baby

You might have plans for your child to sleep in bed with you. While this has advantages like making it easier to synchronise the mother’s sleep cycle with her baby’s, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has warned that this can put babies at risk of suffocation and strangulation. In fact most medical experts will recommend that babies co-sleep with you in a crib or bassinet nearby at first.

Needless to say, things differ from child to child so it’s best to check with your doctor about the possible risks, benefits and work out the best arrangement with your family. Thinking of moving your baby into a room of their own? Then do take note of the following areas:


  • Windows: Install window guards and put all curtains, blind cords or draperies out of your baby’s reach. You should not put the crib or other furniture here as well, to avoid cold drafts or accidents where your baby falls out the window.
  • Wall: Complete all painting or wallpapering at least 6 weeks before the baby’s arrival or moving them into the room as the harmful fumes emitted are unhealthy for them.
  • Floor: Avoid carpets if possible, as this will cut down on allergy-inducing dust. If you put rugs, be sure to secure them with a double-sided tape underneath. You definitely don’t want to slip and fall while carrying your baby!
  • Furniture: Anchor all heavy furniture to the wall so they don’t fall over by accident and keep all your diaper supplies near the changing table. This makes it more convenient and easier for you to keep an eye on your baby while you’re changing them. As for storage, calculate what you need and double that because babies can accumulate more stuff than a shopaholic on a shopping frenzy. Last but not least, add a comfortable chair for you or your spouse to relax in while feeding or rocking your baby to sleep. You’re going to do lots of that, trust us.


Over The Rainbow

Like any other room in your house, colours play an important part in the nursery. In fact, there are a few ways to go about colouring your baby’s room. If you’re a traditionalist, you can do up the room to echo the rest of your home’s overall colour palette or to reflect your baby’s gender. Otherwise, there is always the option of decorating the room in gender neutral colours that give an interesting contrast from the rest of the house.

Contrast Two Bright Colours
If you’re on the adventurous side, try using two bright colours that complement each other in the nursery but use white accents for a calming effect. No matter which colour you want to highlight, don’t forget to use it at least three times! It can be in the form of wall accessories or light fixtures. Take inspiration from these pictures below:



Mix Two Neutrals
Prefer a more serene environment for your little one? Then establish the calming theme by applying two neutrals in the 70/30 distribution. To add visual interest, you can go for patterns on walls or furnishings.



Rule of Three
To get a colourful yet tasteful combo, try the rule of three where you choose: 1 neutral colour + 1 rich colour + 1 accent colour.


For the best results, apply them in a 70/20/10 distribution where the lightest colour takes up 70% of the room. Have the second lightest colour constitute 20% of the room with the brightest colour rounding things off with the final 10%.


Are you feeling inspired yet? With this year’s focus on SG50 celebrations including the famed SG50 baby hamper, we’re pretty sure this year will yield many SG50 bundles of joy. Have fun decorating your little one’s room, but don’t forget that safety still comes first!

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