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How to Create a Shared Home Office for Two

If you and your partner work from home, you’ll probably need dedicated workstations that can accommodate the two of you so you can both work at the same time. Rather than have them in separate rooms however, go for a shared home office to contain your workstations to a single area. It’s also a great way to stay connected to each other while working.

To give you an idea how it can work, we’ve put together a few instances of winning twin workstations from Singapore homes. These don’t take up too much room in a small apartment, but they also won’t have you jostling for much needed space either.


Go for matching desks

Design: Authors • Interior & Styling

Having matching desks is more than just #twinning with your soulmate, they also help to provide visual unity in a small home office and will make your room seem less cluttered. The separate desks will also give you a dedicated space of your own so there’s still some privacy. But do personalise your own spaces so that it still feels like you!

Design: Hue Concept

Design: The Scientist


Keep common and shared items in the middle

Design: The Scientist

The printer, shared stationery drawer and other common items should be placed within an easy reach for the both of you so you can access them whenever you need to without distracting one another. But besides the issue of convenience, having them in the middle can provide a demarcation between your workstations for privacy, which might be useful if you’re sharing a desk.

Design: The Local Inn.terior

Design: Liid Studio


Working face to face on a shared desk takes up minimal footprint

Design: Linear Space Concepts

This is a great option for small, boxy rooms, where you don’t have the length to place a desk against the wall long enough for two. The shared desk can be positioned perpendicular to the wall in the middle of the home office with both chairs facing each other. There’s little chance of a distraction if you both work behind computer screens. Since desk space is minimal, do away with table lighting and opt for pendants or overhead recessed lights.

Design: Zenith Arc

Design: Linear Space Concepts


Think outside the box

Design: Linear Space Concepts

You don’t have to go for conventional home office setups. Design a shared space that is fun and reflects both your personalities. The key to a fun but functional workspace is never to neglect ergonomics!

Above, a tall shared working desk provides the option of standing up while working. The castors also mean it can be wheeled to any part of the home when necessary. Below, the homeowners of this BTO flat went for a Japanese themed space with floor chairs placed on top of tatami mats for additional cushioned support. The entire setup is placed on a platform with an opening at the end for legroom.

Design: D5 Studio Image


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