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How to Clean Your House After Someone’s Been Sick

You probably know this already but the minute someone falls sick at home, the viral transmission goes around the house like wild fire. But you don’t really want to share their illnesses no matter how much you love your family so here are 5 tips on how to sanitise the house for everybody’s well-being.



[1] Change the bed sheets

This is important especially after the bout of illness. Keeping the sheets clean will cut down on germs spreading to the rest of the bedroom or house. Better yet, don’t forget to sun the various items on the bed if the weather is cooperative.



[2] Wipe down every surface

Get rid of the lingering germs by using disinfectant or a vinegar/water mixture. This includes computer keyboards, door knobs, and toys. Hate the smell of vinegar? Then balance it out with half a cup of lemon juice to give it that nice citrusy smell.


[3] Open the windows

If you’re not in the habit of opening your windows (due to the renovation dust from other units or whatnots), now is the time for you to air the house out. Let the sickly air out and allow the fresh air to refresh the house.



[4] Use tea tree essential oil

Great for lessening cold and flu symptoms, you can use a few drops of the tea tree essential oil in the bath. You can also fill a spray bottle with 2 cups of water and 2 teaspoons of the essential oil to disinfectant the air as and when you need it.


[5] Change the toothbrush & Enforce No-sharing

Change the sick person’s toothbrush after their brush with sickness. On top of that, enforce the no-sharing rule between the healthy and once sick people when it comes to food, towels, and utensils.

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