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How To Choose The Perfect Lighting For Your Kitchen

While prioritizing kitchen countertops, hardware, cabinets and other high-impact items, kitchen lighting is left as an afterthought. But the kitchen is the workhouse of a home, and it needs proper lighting. With lots of options like chandeliers, pendants, uplights and battery operated fairy lights Singapore, it is quite challenging to choose the perfect lighting you need to cook and dine.

Here are some of the best lighting ideas for your home.

It is better to plan the lightings while designing the kitchen to avoid unnecessary expenses that occur due to rewiring and repainting.

Consider Layer Lighting

Layer lighting has various shades of light, shadows to highlight the specific features of a room. In kitchen, it includes accent lighting to emphasize a piece of art, task lighting for cooking area and ambient illumination for general lighting purposes.

Be Trendy

Introduce your kitchen with a vibrant glow of battery operated fairy lights Singapore which is best for events and trendy home decor.

Lighting Fixtures For A Specific Lifestyle

Lighting that imparts an organic feel like woven, wood beaded and rattan fixtures are the best fit for coastal décor. If your kitchen space follows a modern space, choosing lights with metal materials, clean lines and geometric shapes will be accurate.

Get The Sizes Right

It is quite important to know the sizes with decorative styles and pendant lights. If your kitchen is small and lighting fixture is large, the kitchen will be overwhelmed. If the kitchen is large, the small lighting will be lost in the bigger space. Also, the chandelier or pendant must be hanged at the appropriate height to reduce the accidental risks of bumping heads.

Safety First

Whatever lightings you choose for the kitchen space, safe illumination is the most important factor to be considered. Task lightings like LED strip lights in the cabinet create a no shadow and lovely space or a track system over a specific area.

Select The Right Style

Choosing similar styles of light that matches with the home’s architecture will make a sense of flow among the rooms. This style is apt for an open-plan kitchen that directs too other spaces.


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