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How Much Renovating Your Kitchen Really Costs – Part 2

As mentioned in Part 1 of this series, the kitchen is one of the most important areas of the house to pay attention to during the renovation process. Although affectionately termed as the heart of your home, the process of renovating the kitchen is also likely to cause palpitations for homeowners because of its complexity and high cost.

Design: Free Space Intent

On average, most kitchen renovation projects for 4-bedroom BTO units come with a price tag of $15,000 and upwards. To give a better sense of where your money will be going to, we have dissected the total amount as follows:

Carpentry – 40%
Purchase and installation of countertops – 18%
Purchase of appliances – 9%
Purchase and installation of hardware (such as hobs and hoods) – 12%
Tiling (inclusive of walls and backsplash) – 10%
Plumbing and installation of faucets: 2%
Lighting: 5%
Flooring: 3%
Others: 1%

Of course, homeowners do have the discretion to adjust their expenditure for each of the line items above by making concessions accordingly. Remember, balancing the budget is all about give and take; for example, if you want to lower how much is spent on carpentry, you can save by installing open shelves instead of custom-made cabinets.


Cooking hoods

When it comes to hardware for the kitchen, there are several key factors to examine during the selection process, namely the value of the brand, the quality standard, the product origin (either international or local) as well as the sales & service support (in the event things, touch wood, fall apart).

Design: Fineline Design

That said, if you have ever been suffocated by smoke while cooking, you would probably realise how valuable having a proper hood is. Depending on the layout and desired aesthetic of your kitchen, vent hoods can be installed in a variety of ways – built within cabinets, mounted on a wall, hanging overhead the stove or suspended from the ceiling over an island.

Type Island Hood Wall Mounted Hood Telescopic / Slim Hood
Where is it installed Island Kitchen Any Walled Kitchen Any Walled Kitchen
Mode of air exhaust There are two main types: ducted and ductless.

In the former, the hood uses ducts to channel smoke out of the kitchen and direct clean air to flow in. On the other hand, the latter filters and cleanses the air before it is allowed to recirculate back into the kitchen.

A ductless hood may cost less than a ducted one, but be aware that its filters need to be cleaned or replaced frequently to function at its optimum.

Price S$1,399 – S$1,699 S$499 – S$899 S$399 – S$499


Kitchen tiles

It is a matter of personal choice whether to fully or partially tile your kitchen wall. While some homeowners feel it is redundant to do so owing to the limited exposed wall space, others swear such a procedure is necessary because tiles do not absorb the smell from cooking fumes and are easier to clean off stains compared to regular painted walls.

Design: I3 Living Design

Regardless of which camp you fall into, it is advisable to install a tile backsplash behind the stove area, especially so if you foresee yourself doing a lot of heavy cooking. The cost of including the backsplash will depend on the area you wish to cover as well as the kinds of materials used. Some households choose to have their backsplash integrated as part of their countertop/built-in cabinets, while others prefer it to look distinct from the countertops.

Type Ceramic Stone Tempered Glass Stainless Steel Vinyl Wallpaper
Advantages Fairly inexpensive and low maintenance, ceramic tiles are the most popular option Water resistant and easy to clean Any Walled Kitchen Easy to clean and minimalist – perfect to fit an industrial themed aesthetic Inexpensive and comes in a variety of colours and patterns
Disadvantages May discolour and grime will collect in the grouting over time Brittle and may develop hairline cracks If cracks appear, it will be costly to replace Without maintenance, may lose its lustre Not heat resistant and will peel with age
Average Cost $3 – $7 per square foot $6 – $20 per foot run $65 per foot run $40 – $55 per foot run $30 – $35 per foot run

Bear in mind how detailed and elaborate the backsplash is affecting the overall price. This includes consideration for whether electrical outlets must be cut into the tiles, or if extra finishing needs to be done to achieve the desired effect.


Kitchen sinks

There are very few features in the home used as often as the kitchen sink, so much so It could be argued that selecting a good one is one of the most important choices to make. For one, there is always the case of asking what type is most suitable and how big should it be.

Design: Promax Design

Two popular kitchen sink styles that are commonly used today are stainless steel and ceramic. Both have their pros and cons, and are distinctly different in terms of appearance and in price.

Type Ceramic Stainless Steel
Fixture Can be top or under mounted Usually under mounted and can be flush mounted (ledges of the sink are level with the countertop)
Advantages Heat resistant and durable Does not stain, rust or chip. Easy to clean and relatively inexpensive.
Disadvantages Leaving stagnant water will result in stains and leave unsightly stain marks Scratches can be easily seen
Average Cost Around $450 for a single basin version Around $400 for a single basin version


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