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How Homeowners Sabotage their Home Renovation

How Homeowners Sabotage their Home Renovation

There is a common misconception that the renovation professional’s negligence or poor planning causes renovation projects to fail. The truth is that aside from renovation professionals, homeowners also play a significant role in derailing their home renovation project.

Hence, here are 3 ways which home owners have unintentionally sabotaged their home renovation projects. Read on and make sure that you do not make the same mistakes too. 🙂


1. Delay in making decisions

Even with proper planning, there are still many decisions (big or small) to be made during renovation. Such decisions may include the locations where air conditioners are to be installed, paint colour, type of cabinets, wardrobes to be fabricated and so on.

Since most home owners are very afraid of making wrong decisions, they take a long time to do so. However, any delay in making such decision means proceeding and related works would have to be delayed and rescheduled. In fact, home owners will be surprised to learn that a seemly small delay might snowball into a week or so delay for a four-week renovation project. And this means a whopping 25% overall delay!

Lessons to be learnt
Do not delay in making decisions! Remember, things will be stalled when this happens. In addition, not making a decision is almost as good as making a bad decision since when the schedule overruns, costs will escalate. So just set a reasonable timeframe with the home renovation professionals for a decision to be made and stick to it.


2. Fickle mindedness

Although it is inevitable that home owners will change their minds on certain decisions during the renovation, too many of such changes will cause the project to be severely disrupted. In addition, there are bound to be additional costs and schedule delays when such happens.

Lessons to be learnt
Most homeowners are fickle minded because they are not confident of the decisions they have made and thus keep revisiting the issue time and time again. Hence, be confident of the decision that you have made and move on.


3. Not trusting the renovation professionals

Some homeowners tend to challenge each and every aspect of the renovation professional’s work and decision. As a result, the work relationship between the homeowner becomes stained and inevitably broke down.

Lessons to be learnt
Smart homeowners know that a trusting relationship with their renovation professionals will be beneficial in the long run. Moreover, if you do not trust the renovation professionals then you should not hire him or her in the first place. Therefore, listen to the professionals and be open to their ideas and suggestions.


There you have it, 3 ways that homeowners have sabotaged their home renovation projects.

Do you have others tips to share too?
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