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Home Renovation 101: LED Lighting

LED lights have become very popular in a lot of Singapore home renovations lately. In the course of five years, LED lights have more than doubled in popularity and usage. LED lighting is classified as warm or soft. A lot of you may not know this, but in home renovations, colour temperature of lighting are measured in degrees Kelvin.


When you want your home renovation to include warm lighting, you should understand what it entails. Warm lighting is the kind of lighting used in restaurants and bars. Warm lighting creates a warm and cosy feel, making you relaxed and serene. It is usually tinged with the colours yellow and red – and as the name suggests, makes us feel warmer literally. A lot of interior designers would recommend the use of warm lighting for living spaces. It is not too bright and it gives a soft ambience. This type of lighting is perfect for your home renovation, especially in common areas such as the living room, entertainment room, dining room and bedroom. Warm LED lighting is not harsh at all.

Cool LED lighting can be used in home renovations in areas which you associate with efficiency, starkness and cleanliness. One example of which is the kitchen preparation area. Cool lighting is crisp, bright and somehow harsh. Notice how hospitals use cool lighting. Some home renovations also install cool lighting in store rooms to make it easier for them to find what they are looking for.

There is however a new breed of people who prefer to use stark cool LED lighting for all their rooms. If their designs are modern and minimalist, cool lighting somehow works. As for the bathroom, most people prefer cool lighting for it. Most home renovations install cool LED lighting in toilets and baths to keep it well lit and seemingly clean. If you want your bathroom to be a sanctuary, however, then you should opt for warm lighting.

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