8 Home Gadgets Mums Will Love

  • May 5, 2022

Still stuck on ideas on what to get mum for Mother's Day? We have a couple of ideas up our sleeves. Whether your mum loves brewing her own coffee at home or she's in need of some extra pampering, these gadgets will have her enjoying her time at home a lot more.

*Also, no cleaning equipment in sight—because no one wants to be reminded that the floor needs vacuuming on their special day.

1. Sony SRS-NS7 Wireless Neckband Speaker

Whether she’s a blockbuster buff or a Kdrama fanatic, mum’s going to love this wireless neckband speaker that promises a personal theatre experience.

This wearable gadget is equipped with Sony’s 360 spatial sound mapping technology, so you can feel sound coming from every direction and distance. Tailor it to her listening needs by downloading the Sony Sound Personaliser app and having it capture the shape of her ear.

The speaker also features a comfortable and flexible design that will sit securely around her neck, so she can wear it for hours during a binge-watching sess.

$399, buy it here

2. Tefal’s Cake Factory Delices

This nifty appliance will be a useful addition to a culinary queen's baking adventures. It comes with 5 intelligent baking programmes that give you perfect home-baked treats every time—so no more failed bakes or guessing if that chiffon cake’s going to rise after baking.

It also comes with a recipe booklet of 30 recipes, so mum can get started on baking straight away. For those who want more control, switch to manual mode, which lets you adjust the cooking time and temperature based on your own recipes.

$299, available at major electronic or e-commerce stores

3. Dyson Airwrap

Get mum looking her best with this hair styler by Dyson. It harnesses Dyson’s well-known digital motor to create an aerodynamic phenomenon known as the Coanda effect, which occurs when a high-speed jet of air flows across the surface and attaches itself to it.

With that principle in mind, the styler lets you curl, wave, smooth or tussle dry hair using air combined with low heat—so no hurting those tresses! The box comes equipped with a number of attachments for different hair needs from the round volumising brush—useful for adding volume to fine hair—or the barrel curler that lets you create loose curls for thick, coarse hair.

$849, buy it here

4. Samsung The Frame

For mothers who appreciate a fine piece of art or who are artists themselves, they will love having the latest The Frame TV. If you don’t already know, this Samsung telly appears just like a framed piece of (always changeable) art on your wall, but with the added bonus of being a quality smart TV!

The 2022 version comes with a new matte display, which has anti-glare, anti-reflection and anti-fingerprint features and looks even more like a real painting. Mum gets to choose a wide selection of artworks from the Samsung Art Store (subscription is required), which lets you browse and buy artworks from major museums in the world, including the Louvre Museum in France, the Albertina Museum in Vienna and our very own National Gallery Singapore. So yes, your mum can own her very own Mona Lisa right in her living room.

From $1,899, buy it here 

5. Ruhens Vitamin C Scented Shower Head

If you are looking for something that will pamper your hardworking mum after a long day at work, nothing says 'spa experience!' like incorporating a scented shower head in her bathroom.

This one comes in three different scents, including rose, lavender and lime that will add a whole new level of sensory experience in her daily showers. It comes with a sediment filtration system, which helps to filter out 99.9% of chlorine and harmful particles like rust and heavy metals, while the water that is channelled through the shower head is infused with vitamin C that is said to moisturise the skin and nourish the hair.

$129, buy it here 

6. Gaggia Classic Pro

Has mum picked up coffee-making skills during the pandemic? If so, surprise her with this semi-automatic espresso machine that allows her to unleash her inner barista at home.

Recommended by home baristas as a great starter machine for its ease of use and reliability, the Gaggia Classic Pro sports a commercial-sized portafilter, a decent steam wand and a solenoid valve that helps to dry out the coffee puck to make removal and cleaning easier.

$999, buy it here

7. LG Dual Inverter Dehumidifier with Ionizer

Instead of gifting your fashionista mum more clothes and shoes, get her this dehumidifier that will not only prevent mould from growing on all her finery but also keep her living environment healthy.

Place it within her walk-in wardrobe or her bedroom to manage the humidity levels in the space, where it will adjust the dehumidification intensity according to how humid the room is.
Activating the ioniser function will help to eliminate airborne bacteria and micro-organisms.

The accompanying shoe dry Y-hose will effectively remove the moisture inside footwear, while the closet dry T-hose can reach even the narrowest of drawers to extract moisture and mildew.

» See why it’s important to balance out the humidity levels at home here.

$699, available at major electronic and e-commerce stores 

8. Anova Precision Cooker

Introduce mum to sous vide cooking and feel her wrath—ha, we’re kidding; it won’t be that difficult to convince her since it will help make mealtime prep easier and she won’t need to give up on her wok.

Sous vide cooking relies on cooking food at precise temperatures. All you need to do is place the food in a sealed plastic bag, immerse that in a water bath (a pot filled with water) that is heated to a precise temperature with the help of an immersion circulator like the Anova Precision Cooker.

While sous vide foods are fully cooked and ready to eat right out of the water bath, you can finish them off with a sear, grill or a deep fry when the occasion calls for it. This immersion circulator can also be controlled via the Anova app, letting you control the device remotely using your phone.

$230, buy it here

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