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Home decorating is very important. It is the art of transforming a closed space, whatever the size, into a liveable place. It isn’t just arranging furniture and accessories in any order in a space. It involves a lot of thought and careful selection. Many underestimate the real importance of paints in home decor. The right paint can set the perfect tone for any interior space. Wall painting adds character to a room and complements the accessories in it. And of course, there are colours that are suitable to each type of room in the house. For example, the colours that can be used in a kitchen will be different from the colours that can be used in a bathroom, or bedroom for that matter. Let us take an in depth look at the importance of wall painting.

Light colours, by default white or off-white, or subtle shades are used to add brightness to a space or to make a space look bigger and wider. Paints that are of light colours can also be used to stray away from the monotonous and the plain looking colours of white or off-white. The use of darker colours in home decorating is to draw attention to spaces or given spaces a warmer or cosier look.

The use of two colours in home decorating is a very popular concept and has been around forever. The idea behind this concept is usually to draw attention to certain areas in a space, by either painting them a noticeably darker colour or just a different colour which may not necessarily be darker or lighter than the rest of the room. Using paints of different colours in alcoves or inset areas in rooms also gives a nice touch to break the monotony of a single colour room and advertise these areas more. Wall painting living rooms and bed rooms in this style are a good idea.

In addition to the popular and safe white in bathroom and kitchen spaces, wall painting these spaces different colours can make them look beautiful and bring them to life. In home decorating the wall colours in a kitchen can be from either end of the spectrum and everything in between. However, it is a good idea to have a little contrast. Use darker colour paints if your kitchen cabinets are lighter in colour and use lighter colours paints if your cabinets are darker colours. For bathrooms, the same formula can be used, however, bright colours or subtle colours are a good idea since bathrooms are usually not as large as other rooms in a house and subtle colours make them look bigger.

A touch of contrast and a splash of colour can set the whole theme of a home in wall painting design.

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