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Hello, Jungalow: here’s how to get in on this trend that’s big on plants, prints and personality

We’re well into 2017, but there are just some trends that are not letting up, including the particularly luscious interior design style, #jungalow.

For the uninitiated, it was a term coined from the words ‘jungle’ and ‘bungalow’ and it’s meant to evoke the idea of the “tropics”. While no one characteristic defines this style, it’s kinda bohemian, kinda eclectic, with plenty of plants, quirky bits and bobs and loud and bright motifs and hues thrown in. It’s also one that emphasises comfort, so you will see lots of soft furnishings involved.

Source: The Jungalow

If you’re keen to hop on the jungalow bandwagon, here are some quick and easy tips to get started, courtesy of Caroline Chin Geyler of Arete Culture.

#1: Introduce greenery

Source: Home and Garden

1. SMYCKA Artificial Flower Monstera, $17.90, from Ikea
2. Palms Throw Pillow, $58.50, from Decor Ordinary
3. Weaved Basket, $40, from Cluster-Cluster

This trend sees plenty of plants, but we’re not complaining! “They are a great way to soften a room’s harder lines,” says Caroline. “To really get the jungalow vibe, make sure to go for a tall, sculptural vessel or pot, and choose a plant that has bigger, more dramatic leaves.”

Ikea recommends using different colours, shapes and textures to create a more vibrant scene. “Large, straight-growing types give height, while overhanging ones can create a sense of abundance.”

Janice Lee from Noah Garden Centre suggests going for Ficus Lyrata (Fig Tree), Money Plant, Garcinia (Happiness Tree) for the dramatic effect.

No green fingers or can’t deal with plant maintenance? Make use of high-quality ones that look just like the real thing.


#2: Art attack!

Source: Ideas Home Decor

1. Nature Dance Painting On Wrapped Canvas, $752, from HipVan
2. Concrete and Copper/Gold Mini Succulent and Cactus Pots, $18.75, Etsy
3. Hanford Sofa in Teal, $999, from Castlery

Art pieces are a great way to change up a space, and they don’t have to be expensive. Caroline advises: “Look for prints of tropical landscapes or even frame up some of your own travel prints of nature for that tropical vibe.”


#3: Go bold with prints

Source: Apartmentf15

1. Teak Pop Low Table, $520, from Ethnicraft
2. Fern Rug, $690, from Departures & Arrivals
3. Sonali Quilt Cover Set, $207.95, from Linen House
4. HK Living Wicker Hanging Lamp, $229, from Make Room

Prints don’t just need to be hung on the wall, they can appear in your furniture and furnishings too. Pick out tropical prints, such as palm trees, foliage, florals and fruits. There’s also the option of wallpaper, if you’re the sort to go for the big picture.

To make sure your space doesn’t look too busy, don’t cluster the prints together. Have a neutral backdrop with visual “breathing room” in between loud motifs.


#4: Cosy up with cushions, rugs, pillows and throws

Source: Apartment Therapy

1. Marrakesh Pouf Natural, $139, from Hom Lab
2. Wooden Bead Chandelier, $360, from Maissone

Make sure your look is as comfortable as it is stylish. Soft furnishings can soften a harsh-looking room filled with hard lines and sharp edges. Go beyond just cushions and rugs; think fabric lampshades or upholstery. Mix up solids with patterns and opt for ones that have unique textures and materials for visual interest.

For rugs, Caroline suggests going for durable ones like those made of jute and sisal. Not only do they add great textural interest, they are less visually hefty than traditional wool rugs and are incredibly easy to upkeep—all they need is a good beating once in a while.


#5: Mix in different materials

Source: Inside Out

1. HK Living Lamp ‘Workshop’ L copper, $495, Make Room
2. Macrame Plant Hanger, $15.50, Etsy
3. Vitra Panton Chair, price upon request, Space

The jungalow style is all about being adventurous so mix it up using copper and glass, or wood and stone, or steel with fabric. There isn’t a hard and fast rule with this one, but it’s wise to make sure every piece in the space has a similar complement, whether in terms of shape, size, colour or material.


#6: Stick with a neutral palette

Source: Euro Style Lighting

1. Ape Ceramica Loft Petroleo Tile, price upon request, Hafary
2. Ava High Back Bar Chair, $199, Hipvan
3. M’héritage Copper Mini Sauté Pan with Bronze Handle, $62.50, Tott
4. Ekby Hemnes Shelf, $19, Ikea

After all we’ve said about loud and vibrant hues, this tip might seem a bit superfluous. But to keep your look timeless, heed this tip from Caroline: “After years of decorating, what I’ve found is that trends age a space very quickly. This is why I prefer to stick to a classic palette and then update the space with trendy accents.”

Go for a neutral palette that echoes colours found in nature for the jungalow spark. This includes hues like sand, rice, grain, dark slate or charcoal.

Add green shades for your accent pieces, like celery and moss green. For something brighter, teal’s a wonderful choice.


#7: Go on a holiday (or just the resort look)

Source: Akanksha Redhu

1. Sheepskin, $245, BoConcept
2. Peacock chair, $375, Stylodeco
3. Fejka Artificial Potted Plant Weeping Fig, $79, Ikea
4. Eilersen Box Sofa, price upon request, Danish Design

Love this trend but unsure if full-on jungalow is for you? Work towards resort-inspired spaces inflected with tropical accents, says Caroline. “Resort says bold and clean. Think a neutral scheme with clean lines and colours that are contrasted with organic, natural elements and plenty of foliage.”

The resort-inspired space is a look that stays around for a while because it’s minimalist rather than maximalist. Think of using materials like rattan, bamboo and jute for a look that says beachside villa, and go for plenty of white, cream and sand hues.


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