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HDB Rules and Regulations: HDB Contractors

The Housing and Development Board (HDB) has stringent rules and regulations in their housing related operations. This is to keep up with the standards set by HDB. HDB has a group of approved HDB renovation contractors which are known to be compliant with HDB’s set standards.

There are renovations in HDBs that need HDB permit while there are some renovations that do not really require a permit. The first step for your HDB renovation is to find HDB contractors that are listed under their website and officially approved by HDB. If you are wondering why HDB is imposing stringent rules on HDB contractors, it is actually to ensure only the highest quality and safety for HDB housing related operations.

Under the HDB Building Works policies, HDB contractors have to comply with certain safety and sanitation standards to keep them conducive and safe for its inhabitants. This includes complying with everything from floors, finishes, kitchen, bathroom, windows, doors, gates, staircases and walls.

HDB contractors know that they have to comply with HDB’s rules and policies. If they do not, it will result with the owner having to restore the HDB flat to its original condition. This, ultimately, will be more troublesome and costly.

Indeed, one of the best things a homeowner can do if they want to renovate their HDB flats is to consult an HDB approved and certified renovation contractor. This is the most convenient, safest and most cost-effective way to go about your HDB renovation. A lot of these HDB contractors even offer affordable renovation packages that will suit any homeowner’s budget. The best part about this is that these HDB contractors know what they are doing. They will ensure that all the proper documentation is provided, all the regulations and rules are complied with and all the costs are accounted for. To be even safer, make sure that the HDB contractor has been around long enough. Ask for their portfolio and talk to their clients too.


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