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HDB Renovations: Budget Renovation for the Kid’s Room

There are many ways to keep tabs on your HDB renovation cost. You may think that renovating your children’s room is one of those aspects that will be hard to keep to a minimum. You are wrong. There are a number of tricks to keep your HDB renovation for your children’s bedroom on a budget – and without compromising safety and durability. In this article, we will tell you how to save space, keep your spending to a minimum and help keep clutter away in your children’s bedroom.


  1. Add in simple storage spaces under the bed. To save bedroom space, choose bunk beds for your children’s bedroom. In addition to that, add in storage boxes on castors which will be placed at the bottom of the beds to serve as storage space. You’ll be thankful for the lack of litter later on.
  2. Use boxed shelving. This is a practical HDB renovation idea. Find practical and fun wall storage that will last. It can store nappies, creams, books and toys. It will also be useful for storing photo frames and art works.
  3. Use a book case. You might wonder why a book case is needed for an HDB renovation of the children’s bedroom. A book case actually has many functions. The children can store books and toys on it. You do not even need to buy expensive wall storage or built in cabinets.
  4. Personalise your children’s bedroom furniture. You can do this by painting the furniture with their favorite colour or using patterned wallpaper. You can also use stickers and glow in the dark stars to add a dash of character to the space.
  5. Use pretty storage containers. Kids hate storing their toys and putting away their clutter. You can make it fun by adding pretty storage boxes which will then be placed into the book case. You can use a box shaped like a train, for instance.

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