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HDB Renovation Packages in Singapore – Timeframe

We have established that one of the major considerations when planning your Housing and Development Board (HDB) renovation in Singapore is the cost. The other crucial part is the timeframe. HDB renovation packages, as most of you already know, cannot be completed in a few days or just a week, unless of course you are just thinking about minimal renovation work such as windows or paint. You have to note that each HDB renovation package varies, depending on the complexity of the task. Therefore, each renovation has different schedules.


Usually, if your HDB renovation package involved the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room, it will take weeks, even more than a month, depending on how much you are changing or what you want to set up. The basic HDB renovation package that involves only painting walls and ceilings and other minor changes will take five business days, usually.

For a smooth HDB renovation package implementation, make sure that the HDB renovation contractor that you hired uses high quality materials without overbearing costs. They must also have a good track record, complete jobs right on the schedule that they provide you and they should also be recommended by a number of customers.

Ideally, you should flip through the portfolio of your chosen renovation contractor and make sure that they are really talented and have good communication skills. You should also ensure that the package covers the basics. One of the things you have to note about the HDB renovation package is to make sure that it includes floor to surface layering if you opted to have the walls and ceiling painted. Take note of the quality of the fixture installations too. Usually, it is covered in HDB renovation packages but some companies just try to do away with it.

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