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HDB Renovation Packages in Singapore – Cost

You have probably read a lot of Housing and Development Board (HDB) renovation package tips. Some tell you how to find the right HDB renovation package from accredited HDB renovation contractors, some tell you how to evaluate the renovation packages. In this article, we focus on the basics: the cost, the time required and the HDB renovation contractor to be employed.


Let us start with the cost. Many people are concerned about the cost, which is why they seek HDB renovation packages that would best suit their requirements and their budget. Homeowners are primarily concerned about the cost. This is the reason why we see a lot of websites offering homeowners a chance to request for a quotation. Normally, people who have just purchased their HDB are recommended to spend as little as possible. There are quite a few company offering affordable HDB renovation packages, so this should not be a problem. Do note that you can still spend little while displaying your unique personality and taste.

Normally, HDB renovation packages give you an estimated price of $9,000 to $10,000 for the first three rooms. $2,000 for each additional room will normally be charged. These charges are for standard HDB renovations using common materials. If, for example you want to be opulent and choose marble tiles for your kitchen, the HDB renovation package will definitely cost more.

The HDB renovation contractor that you hire will be very useful in helping suggest the right materials to be used that are also within your budget. They will help you find quality materials at a good price. Or, they would suggest alternative materials.

The HDB renovation package cost will also be affected by the floor area of your house. The larger it is, the more man hours your renovation contractor needs to put into it.

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