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HDB Renovation for the Smart Homeowner

A lot of smart Housing and Development Board (HDB) homeowners in Singapore would want to renovate their homes every few years to keep it in tip top shape. These smart, savvy HDB owners would not wait until their homes are dilapidated and beyond repair to contact renovation contractors to do the renovation works.


The Housing and Development Board itself assists these smart homeowners to fix their homes based on their needs and specifications. HDB lists out a group of HDB renovation contractors who are licensed and verified to work on HDB owners’ homes. To view a list of the HDB licensed renovation contractors, go to HDB’s official website.

These authorized HDB renovation contractors are there for a reason. They know what HDB’s rules and regulations are and they will ensure that these regulations are followed properly. In addition, as HDB renovations are costly, these HDB renovation contractors cater to customers of every income bracket and for every family size. These authorized HDB renovation contractors also know about the rules that HDB has imposed or their updates. These rules are important because HDB penalizes those who do not follow them. When renovating, fines are not exactly the most helpful of things. In HDB renovation, there are certain works that need approval. Only after securing approval from HDB can any work begin.

HDB renovation contractors mostly do great work, there are certain works that HDB does not do such as hacking or removal of structural parts like reinforced concrete walls, beams, slabs and columns. You must also note that plastering of ceilings and installing of awnings are prohibited and punishable. The reason behind the prohibition is to prevent overloading, weakening of the structure and sacrificing the entire HDB block’s safety. For more information, visit HDB’s website.

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