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HDB Renovation Basics

HDB-Renovation-BasicsIn Singapore, a lot of people live in public housing which is built and overlooked by the Housing and Development Board, hence these flats are called HDB flats. If you bought a brand new HDB flat, you are one of the lucky ones who do not necessarily have to pore over every crack and every old wallpaper. Brand new HDB flats are clean, polished and are in the best condition a flat can ever be.

For those who purchase pre-owned flats, it is a whole other story. Old HDB flats most often are in need of tender love and care. They need a total HDB renovation to look as polished as it used to look years ago. Note that in Singapore, all changes and HDB renovations should be guided by the rules and regulations of the Housing Development Board, otherwise the owners of the flats will get fined – and so will the HDB renovation company. Also, you need to hire an HDB-registered Renovation Contractor. If you do not hire someone who is registered with HDB, you will get fined up to $5,000.

Pre-owned HDB renovation involves a lot of things. The first one is assessment. The HDB renovation contractor must be able to tell what absolutely needs to be changed and what element of the flat can be retained. The walls, ceiling, floor, doors, windows, pipes and electrical wiring need to be evaluated to ensure safety and maximum convenience for the new owners.

In HDB renovation, you need to be sensitive enough to take note of your neighbours. You cannot just instruct your renovation contractors to pound away at walls or drill holes on the ceiling at times when your next door neighbours are actually sleeping.

In HDB renovation, you have to take note that aside from functionality, space is one of the topmost considerations. Align your vision with the space you have.

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