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8 Hardworking Kitchen Islands that Do It All

Kitchen islands are some of the most useful things to have in an open-concept home. These hardworking (read: ambitious) built-ins lend more countertop space for food prep, offer storage underneath and also provide room for seating. The best part? They are also incredibly versatile. See how these multipurpose kitchen islands below incorporate more than a single feature in them.

1. All-inclusive

It’s amazing how this small kitchen island fits everything a basic kitchen needs. It has functions for cooking (see induction hob), food prep, storage, clean-up and even room for eating. The electrical outlets by the side of the island mean it can double up as a workstation too.

Design: form & space

2. Home Bar

If you like sipping tipples after (or before) meals, you need to turn your kitchen island into a home bar. The designer incorporated a mini wine chiller by the side of this island and raised the counter to bar height, making it really convenient to wind down the day with a couple of glasses.

Design: Free Space Intent

3. Working Zone

Can’t afford to eke out a separate study in your small home? Double your kitchen island as a home office. We like how the computer screen can be stowed away under the counter when work is done, so you can free up the entire island for kitchen use. No messy cables too!

Design: D5 Studio Image

4. Perfect for Entertaining

For the frequent hosts, here’s an idea for a kitchen island that can offer up more seating when required. Joining the dinner table, the kitchen island conceals a dining bench that can be pulled out to seat more. When the party is over, simply push the bench back to the side of the island. No more having to wrestle with extra chairs around the house.

Design: Fuse Concept

5. Mobile Island

Create a fluid home with a moveable island. All you need to do is install castors underneath the kitchen island and you can move it wherever you want. Move them closer to the kitchen when you need that extra countertop space to set out your mise en place. Or you can roll it over to your living room so you can watch the TV while having dinner.

Design: The 80’s Studio

6. Breakfast Bar

While the kitchen island is usually also a place for eating, this kitchen island takes this concept further by setting out the eating zone on the island in a contrasting material. Slightly raised for a casual bistro feel, it provides the perfect spot for breakfast.

Design: Aart Boxx Interior

7. Dining Extension

This kitchen island functions as the main dining area of the compact condominium. It hides a lean extension counter, which can be pulled out to offer up more dining room or extra countertop space for food prep.

Design: Couple Abode

8. Baking Station

Home bakers will love the idea of incorporating everything they need in one kitchen island. This one even features a built-in oven, so you don’t have to move away from the area when you need to use the oven. You can put your ready batter in the oven all in one swift motion. When building your island baking station, do ensure there is adequate ventilation for the heat from the oven to escape.



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