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Hansgrohe Presents its New Select Technology!

Who is the Hansgrohe Group?

The Hansgrohe Group, a bathroom specialist based in Schiltach, Germany, is one of the few global players in the bathroom fittings and with its two brands AXOR and hansgrohe, the Hansgrohe Group is a renowned leader in innovation, design and quality for its top quality bathroom and kitchen fittings, showers and shower systems. For 115 years since the company was founded in 1901, Hansgrohe is still instrumental in shaping the shower culture and even expanded its range of modern, top-of-class offerings from bath to kitchen faucets.

Hansgrohe has traditionally been one step ahead of its time, from the invention of the first hand shower in 1928, the creation of a new shower era with Raindance in 2003, and most recently the introduction of the intuitive Select technology which allows customers to easily select their shower pleasure with the click of a button. Therefore, it is their unrelenting dedication to investing in innovation, their commitment to outstanding quality products and their award-winning designs, a tradition that they hold closely to their hearts since Mr Hans Grohe’s time, that differentiates them from other brands.

Outstanding standards and high quality product

Hansgrohe takes great pride in its products and its commitment to high quality standards and this is evident from the long list of over 500 design awards that are conferred by independent judging panels. In actuality, Hansgrohe currently holds a Top-10 position in the prestigious International iF Design Ranking this year for the highest design competence, and they are leading above other sanitary brands!

This is certainly a testament to the Hansgrohe’s superior technology and aesthetic design.


Introducing Select, a revolutionary technology that makes your bathroom experience pleasurable and simplify your kitchen chores!

The Hansgrohe Select technology has made its products even more intuitive and easy to use, day in, day out both in the bathroom and kitchen by seamlessly integrating form and function at the simple push of a button. In fact, Hansgrohe is one of the very first in the industry to embody timeless faucet design with modern convenience.

To find out more, we decided to pay the Hansgrohe showroom a visit.

Hansgrohe showroom address:
69 Mohamed Sultan Road Singapore 239015

Opening Hours:
Mondays to Saturdays
10.30am – 7.00pm
Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays


With its striking facade, the Hansgrohe Boutique is certainly hard to miss!

With a strong and rich tradition of innovation and design, the Hansgrohe company has been the design leader with more than 500 design awards.

Impressive range of Select shower products

The trip to the showroom was indeed fruitful; Hansgrohe has thoughtfully dedicated a corner to all the Select shower products so that consumers like us are able to see, touch and learn about the various features that each product has to offer.



To summarize, here is the range of Select products available….


1. Talis Select Bathroom Mixers

Lever handles on the faucet is now a thing of the past!

Designed to perfection, the Hansgrohe Talis Select basin mixers have a futuristic form with clean lines. With the conventional lever now replaced by the intuitive Select technology, you can easily turn on and off the water with just a simple push of the button. Aside from offering convenience, the Select technology is also environmental friendly since it also helps save water by allowing you precise control of the mixer – no more worries about not fully closing the mixer anymore! Hence, you get to experience the ultimate ease of use at the wash basin while being environmentally responsible.

2. Raindance Select Handshowers

Select your shower pleasure, with the convenience of just one click!

Now you can activate the Hansgrohe Raindance hand shower with a simple push of the Select button. Experience the full range of jet modes easily and conveniently; from the lush, soft spray of RainAir (rain spray enriched with air), to the rotating massage spray of WhirlAir (massage spray) with the push of the Select button! In fact, get ready to enjoy a really soothing rain shower experience that is so invigorating that you might want to dance too!

3. Croma Select Showerpi


Personalized shower experience.

The Hansgrohe Croma Select showerpipe, an all-in-one system, is made up of an overhead shower and hand shower which comes with a wide range of jet types for you to choose from. The overhead shower can be swiveled to provide a personalized shower experience and you can further enhance your shower enjoyment by choosing either a soft rain jet, pulsating massage spray or a pounding invigorating water jet with the help of the Select button. The Croma Select showerpipe is indeed a dream come true for those home owners who like to indulge themselves with an overhead shower or a handshower depending on their mood!

4. ShowerTablet Select 300

hg_shower-tablet-select-300-ambiance_730x41118__hpp93017_epsDoubles up as a bathroom wall shelf!

Hansgrohe’s exposed ShowerSelect thermostats series, ShowerTablet Select 300, is truly a sight to behold due to its sleek glass surface and its timeless design. It is a perfect examples of how the Select technology makes showering easy and intuitive. Conveniently positioned at the front on the ShowerTablet Select, the Select buttons come with clear and easy-to-understand icons that show how simple it is to push a button to turn the shower on or off. More importantly, there is an option to install the Select buttons in such a way that they protrude slightly when they are in the shut-off position, making it easier to locate them by touch –with a light touch of your finger tips. This is a welcome feature for home owners, especially when planning for oases of well-being that accommodate all generations, including their children and the elderly. In hotels, this will create a perfect shower experience as guests can easily and intuitively determine how to use the shower controls even when viewing them for the first time.

5. ShowerSelect Glass


Where function meets style!

Hansgrohe’s concealed ShowerSelect thermostats series, ShowerSelect Glass, features an elegant glass in a minimalist form, where function meets style. In fact, ShowerSelect Glass is suitable for small bathrooms since it is directly mounted on the wall and thus free up precious space for greater freedom in the shower area. Furthermore, since the Select buttons can be configured such that they are protruded when they are in the OFF position, ShowerSelect Glass is suitable for the elderly or the young children as the Select buttons can be easily located and handled. In addition, the ShowerSelect Glass also comes with an inbuilt safety lock at 40° C.

6. Metris Select Kitchen Mixers


Redefines how you work in your kitchen efficiently with more freedom of movement than ever before!

Hansgrohe has also introduced the revolutionary Select button to its range of kitchen mixers to make managing household chores considerably much easier and simpler. Not only does the Select button control the water flow with pinpoint accuracy, it also redefines how you work in your kitchen efficiently with its new Metris Select with pull-out spray. This is because, Metris Select provides you more freedom of movement than ever before, by increasing the operating radius around the sink. The magnetic holder in the mixer body secures the pull-out spray firmly after use. In addition, the Select button is ergonomically positioned at the top of the pull-out spout to accommodate the thumb for maximum comfort.

Homeowner product selection tips

Try before you buy!

1. Do make a trip to the Hansgrohe showroom since you would be able to try the products ‘live’ at a demonstration area. We were enthralled with the wide variety of shower products we could try!



It is all about measurements!

2. Make sure that you take down the measurements of the area where you want the mixer or shower to be installed. The consultants will then be able to advise you on the most suitable product based the measurements given.

Select button vs lever handle

3. The mixers equipped with the Select button technology allow you to enjoy the consistent flow of the water. However, do note that unlike the mixers which come with conventional lever handles, the Select mixers would not allow you to control the pressure and volume of flowing water. Set at an optimum volume, you do not need to worry about wastage of water whenever you turn on the mixer; for example, if you have young children, you can be well-assured that they would not be able to use more water than they need!

Find out more at Hansgrohe Select !


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How to Enter #iselectHansgrohe Contest

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