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7 Handy Add-Ons You Won’t Mind Having in Your Small Kitchen

Our kitchens may be small, but they shouldn’t be basic. These handy extras will give a boost to a small kitchen, maximising the spatial utilisation while adding to its efficiency and functionality.

1. Pull-down cabinet system

In a small kitchen, you will want to add as much storage as possible. Having cabinets that reach all the way to the top is a great idea since you are making use of vertical space and freeing up precious floor estate—but reaching them, on the other hand, might be well, a bit of a reach.

By installing a pull-down cabinet system, you get to bring the rack down to eye level with a simple tug and a simple push stows it back into place. No more tip-toeing, step ladders or forgotten items up the shelves.

Design: Lemonfridge Studio

2. Pull-out countertop

Short on countertop space for food prep? Create extra workspace by incorporating a pull-out countertop that tucks away nicely once you’re done with it. Locate it near the cooktop for convenience or have it by the pantry area if you need that extra room to prep lighter meals.

Design: The Interior Lab

3. Drying rack behind sink

No space should be left forgotten when you have a small kitchen, and that includes the space behind the sink. Carving out a drying rack in that area is a great way to make the most of that forgotten space—not only does it free up your countertop for more important things, it also helps to conceal an unattractive drying rack.

Design: Authors • Interior & Styling

4. Shallow shelves

If your kitchen is much too narrow to install another set of counters, get shallow shelves instead. They are the perfect storage space for single bottles of condiments and spices as well as boxes of breakfast cereals or snacks. Unlike deeper shelves, where things can get lost in the deep recesses, you don’t have that problem with shallow shelves, which let you see where everything is at a glance. Plus, you don’t really need to have excellent Marie Kondo-level organisation, since shallow shelves basically organise themselves.

Design: DistinctIdentity

5. Wall-mounted pot rails

Pots and pans tend to be bulky, taking up a lot of space if you store them inside your kitchen drawers. Do up wall-mounted rails instead and display your wares there. They don’t take up very much space while giving you incredible ease of access—just grab your wares and go. And because the hooks on the racks are adjustable, you get to accommodate a range of pot/pan sizes as well.

Design: Design Chapterz

6. Pocket sliding cabinet doors

When opened, pocket sliding cabinet doors can be tucked away into hidden pockets at the side of the unit so you won’t risk bumping against the doors when you move around the kitchen. These are great options for cabinets that you need to keep open for a time, like pantry cupboards or your condiments cabinet, but will also need to be closed once you are done with them.

Design: Couple Abode

7. Raised bar counter

The best thing about adding a raised bar counter atop your kitchen counter is that they don’t take up extra room. Rather, they give you more room, by providing you a counter to casually lean against when you are having that pre-meal drink. It also affords you a little nook to store small countertop appliances, while visually hiding the clutter of your cooking space on the other side. How’s that for a versatile add-on?

Design: The Movement Design Collective


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