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Hand Mixer or Stand Mixer: 3 Key Differences You Should Know

If you’re into baking and are just starting to navigate the fascinating world of pastries, cakes, and sweet desserts galore, one of the tools that will be useful in the kitchen is the mixer. There are 2 types of mixers, however, and you might be confused over which to buy. Hand mixers are basically a handheld appliance that is used to complete quick tasks such as whipping cream or beating egg whites. On the other hand, the stand mixerhouses a motor that is more heavy duty and has a mounting base for a bowl. So which one should you go for? Let us explore the 3 key differences that differentiate these 3 mixers.




In terms of storage space, the hand mixer takes up less real estate in the kitchen due to its portable size. So unless you have extra counter space, the hand mixer is usually sufficient for a basic mixing job such as fluffing eggs or whipping the cream.



Needless to say, the stand mixer is more expensive as it has more to offer. But you still can get affordable ones at mega retail stores such as Courts and Best Denki. A Cornell stand mixer (250W), for instance, costs just $35.90 at Courts.



The stand mixer may take up more space, but it has the motor power to complete more demanding tasks such as mixing dough for baking bread. Some have large bowls to accommodate enough recipes to run a one-person baking sale and the speeds to match as well. Stand mixers also come in two types: bowl-lift (where you can lower the bowl) and tilt-head (where the head of the appliance can be tilted back to allow access). If you’re adventurous, you can even purchase a stand mixer that helps you make pasta too!


When choosing a mixer for your kitchen, consider the available space you have to store the appliance. Ensure its height and weight are in a suitable range so you’re encouraged to use it as often as possible without having to suffer the agony of pulling it out from your cupboard. Other features you might want to look out for are splash guards, and accessories like pasta maker, slicer/shredder and citrus juicer should you be in the mood for more than just mixing. If you’re looking for just a very basic tool, then the hand mixer is good enough. Otherwise, consider investing in a good stand mixer that will do your task while you work on something else.

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