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Hair Salon Renovation

If your hair salon has not been renovated for decades, the time to change it is now. If it still has vinyl flooring, lime green walls and those 1970s furniture and mirrors, you should contact a renovation company immediately! You do know that the ambience of your hair salon matters, right? If customers see a dirty salon with lots of hairs on the floor, poor lighting, rusty scissors and a very mouldy washing area, then expect your sales to go down for sure.


The trend nowadays is a clean hair salon with state of the art furniture and furnishings, artistic walls and a clear open space for customers to see exactly what is going on. Space is maximised to the fullest, making it ideal for encouraging a cosy, warm and friendly atmosphere.

Here are some tips to renovating your hair salon:

  1. Keep the wash area clean and dry. Who would want wet floors, mouldy tiles and an old, cracked sink to wash their hair in? No one! In your renovation, use a sturdy, reliable brand for your kitchen sink. Use shelves to maximise space and to keep your shampoo, conditioner and other hair products in place.
  2. Keep mirrors large and well lit. As always, lighting is key so keep your work area bright but not fluorescent bright. Make sure that the mirrors are large enough and that they are placed in a way that your customers can see the back of their heads while you are chopping off their locks away.
  3. Add in shelves or drawers in your work area to store hair products, scissors, combs and even reading materials. Yes, reading materials will keep your customers from feeling bored but they can also be a cause of clutter. Keep mini shelves to stack your magazines in place.
  4. Choose easy to clean flooring for your renovation. Ideally, choose tiles. Vinyl won’t often work and carpet is simply not practical.

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